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Best Adobe After Effects Training Courses Online 2023

after effects training courses online

Best Adobe After Effects Training Courses Online 2023:

This list of the Best Adobe After Effects Tutorials, Course, Training, Classes, Program & Certification for 2023 is the result of extensive study by a team of more than 10 international graphic design specialists. You can learn After Effects using both paid and unpaid online learning materials. Suitable for novices, intermediate students, and professionals.

Key factors to consider when choosing the best After Effects training

When choosing the best After Effects training, there are several key factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the instructor’s expertise and experience. It’s crucial to choose a course taught by an instructor who has a deep understanding of After Effects and significant experience using the software in real-world projects.

Look for courses taught by industry professionals or Adobe Certified Instructors [1]. This will ensure that you receive the most up-to-date and relevant training, and that you learn from someone who can provide valuable insights and tips based on their own experience.

Another important factor to consider is the course content and curriculum. Look for courses that cover a wide range of topics and techniques, from basic fundamentals to advanced workflows.

A comprehensive course will help you develop a strong foundation in After Effects and give you the skills you need to create complex animations and effects [2]. Additionally, check if the course provides hands-on exercises and projects that allow you to practice what you’ve learned and apply it to real-world scenarios [3].

Finally, consider the learning format and flexibility of the course. Some courses are offered in-person, while others are available online. Online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule [3]. However, if you prefer a more structured learning environment, in-person courses may be a better fit.

Additionally, consider the duration of the course and the time commitment required. Some courses are designed to be completed in a few days, while others may take several weeks or even months [4]. Choose a course that fits your schedule and learning style.

Best Adobe After Effects Training Courses Online 2023

1. After Effects CC Course: from Novice to Expert (Udemy)

The program’s instructor, Louay Zambarakji, has instructed more than 100,000 students worldwide in the fields of motion graphics, visual effects, and video editing. He has built out a niche for himself in this field thanks to the great demand for his courses. More than 40,000 professionals from across the world have taken this after-effects training, which will show you how to create expert motion graphics and visual effects. You will study all of Adobe After Effects in this 22-hour training course in a step-by-step fashion, giving you the skills you need to start adding visual effects and animating practically immediately. Let’s explore some of the characteristics that set this class apart in more depth.

Louay Zambarakji
Louay Zambarakji

What you’ll learn

  • How to use all of After Effects CC – in a dynamic, hands on approach.
  • Boost your creativity by completing 50+ Practice Activities and projects from simple to complex.
  • Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step, easy-to-use method.
  • Practice compositing techniques to achieve stunning video effects.
  • How to use specialized visual effects such Motion Tracking, Camera Tracking, Chromakeying, Rotoscoping, Stabilizing and many more…
  • Master Visual Time Effects on Videos and Motion Graphics.
  • Work in 3D space with Cameras, Lights and Shadows and practice your new skills with 3D Motion Graphics Projects.
  • How to Import and animate Illustrator Vector Graphics.
  • Create advanced Text Animation in 2D & 3D – cool stuff only in After Effects.

2. Free After Effects CC 2018 Tutorial: Motion Graphics (LinkedIn Learning)

Since 2004, Alan Demafiles has been a freelance motion designer and 3D generalist in this field. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in film, and Sony Pictures, Discovery Channel, and Samsung are just a few of his clients. He has eight courses available on LinkedIn Learning, and this one will focus on the tools and methods required to produce stunning motion designs in Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

Keypoints –

– This is a free course, since the first month on LinkedIn learning is free to use for the first month

– Learn how to manually animate using keyframes, leverage Graph Editor, change speed with time remapping

– Learn to set and animate type and get an introduction to 3D

– You also get some tips on building an effective workflow

3. Adobe After Effects tutorials

For both newcomers and seasoned artists, Adobe has put together After Effects courses. You can browse the course catalog and decide which course will assist you in improving your editing abilities. You can discover the significance of compositions and frames in video editing. You can learn how to add texts to your films and animate the same with the help of tutorials on working with text formats. Adobe additionally offers classes on how to comprehend layers in video details. You can take courses that specifically teach you how to animate objects and environments. Check out the custom shape creations made using After Effects if you want to put your creativity to use.

Key points –

– After Effects courses for beginners and experts to help update editing skills

– Learn how to add visual effects to your videos

– Understand the After Effects software interface to work with different settings

– Work with layers in your videos to animate and add effects

– Learn how to cut objects and also how to create your own shapes using After Effects Tools

– Projects for beginners to animate and create videos using After Effects

4. Learn Adobe After Effects (Gareth David Studio)

Gareth David, instructor

Beginner designers can benefit from this free course. Since this course teaches you the fundamentals of the program, you should be able to follow along by downloading the practice files regardless of whether you use the most recent version of Adobe After Effects or an older one. You’ll be able to produce your own video presentation in After Effects by the end of this course.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn about layers, the Timeline panel, compositions, the Project Panel ‘Links panel,’ animation concepts, keyframes, basic video editing, basic animation, easing, and time stretching in this course. You will also become familiar with After Effects’ user interface.

You’ll then discover how to pre-compose, import files, create shapes, use the pen tool and paths, apply fill and stroke effects, animate along a path, use effects and presets, apply text animation presets, apply transition presets, apply color effects, use adjustment layers, use blending modes, mask, and animate a shape layer mask.

5. After Effects for Beginners | FREE Mega Course – YouTube

Learn how to use After Effects in this free course. From the After Effects basics up to more advanced topics like spatial interpolation, you’ll learn it all. With expert instruction from Dave Bode, you’ll start at the absolute beginning and work quickly through these free After Effects tutorials into more exciting techniques.

It really is the best way to learn After Effects online. You’ll start with the interface, before moving on to tools, workflow, keyframing, comps and precomping, shapes, masks, and so much more! You’ll then move on and practice your new skills by building a lower third from scratch.

By Envato Tuts+ via YouTube Help

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