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Best Excel Training Courses Online for Free 2024

Best Excel Training Courses Online for Free

Best Excel Training Courses Online for Free 2024

As per a survey, the best Excel training courses are popular in various industries. So we brought some best Microsoft Excel online class programs available online for free. you may also like data management courses.

Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world and is included in the Microsoft Office suite. It allows users to execute a wide range of tasks, from list organization to data analysis. The majority of people learn it through trial and error rather than formal schooling, which can result in significant gaps in their knowledge of the program. Many people are unaware of the complex functions available in Excel.

To learn the program, you don’t need a formal degree, especially because there are so many excellent free online Excel classes to select from. Whether you’re a novice who has never opened a spreadsheet before or a seasoned master who wants to learn how to get the most out of the tool, there’s something on this list for you.

The following are the best free online Excel training courses reviewed by our team:

1. Useful Excel for Beginners

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel and become an effective user. The target audience for the course is those who have never used Excel before and those who are beginner-level users. You would need a copy of Microsoft Excel for Windows since you will be practicing along with the course. I use Excel 2010 for Windows in the videos but any version with Excel 2007 for Windows or later would work. Excel Versions prior to 2007 have a different user interface but concepts will apply. 

In this free online Excel course, you will learn how to:

• Customize your views and options.

• Highlight, sort, group, and filter ranges, tables, and cells.

• Create, configure, and save workbooks and worksheets.

• Format and navigate workbooks and worksheets.

• Configure workbooks and worksheets to print

• Insert data, learn how to format ranges and cells, and create and modify tables.

• Create and format charts.

• Insert and format objects and modify images.

• Create formulas and edit text.

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5,
  • 4.5 (46,499 ratings)
  • 424,009 students
  • 9hr 38min of on-demand video

2. VBA for Beginners (by SimonSezIT)

VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is a Microsoft Excel scripting language and tool for automating repetitive activities. While the majority of the courses on this list mention VBA at the conclusion, this one is aimed to teach novices the skills they need to develop macros. The VBA editor, syntax, and comments will all be covered before you move on to building macros and subroutines. Finally, logical constructions and looping will be covered.

On the Alison platform, you may take a free Excel short course that will earn you a shareable certificate if you complete it successfully. Although this course teaches VBA to novices, it is recommended that you have prior Excel experience before taking it.

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes

Time to Complete: one to two hours

Curriculum: Intermediate

User Experience: Excellent

Quality of Instruction: Excellent

Upon successful completion of this Excel course you will be able to:

  • Identify how to write functions and subroutines using the main components of the Excel object library
  • Recognize VBA’s syntax and structure to confidently apply VBA in macros
  • Discuss how to approach problems using VBA from the “programming point-of-view”

3. Free Online Excel Training

This site, produced by Ben Currier, offers step-by-step instructions for mastering all things Excel. He’s a Microsoft MVP four times over and an entrepreneur who also sells a more comprehensive commercial version. Ben’s free classes, on the other hand, will keep any student occupied for quite some time.

The lectures are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you may start where you want. If you’ve never used Excel before, here is the best place to start. In addition to the video tutorials, there is a downloadable workbook and Excel cheat sheet. Ben has even created a workbook for Excel users who are using older versions. All in all, this is one of the best free Excel courses you can take online.

Cost: Free

Certificate: No

Time to Complete: Varies

Curriculum: Introductory to advanced

User Experience: Excellent

Quality of Instruction: Excellent


4. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

This free online basic Excel course is presented by Microsoft architect Dany Hoter and developer Jonathan Sanito and is available through edX. It is based on Excel 2016 and is meant to teach the most popular data analysis functions of Excel. Before beginning this course, students should have a fundamental understanding of how cells are formatted and how to write formulas. You will have to pay a fee if you want a verified certificate to put on your LinkedIn page or CV. The programme can, however, be audited for free.

Through this program, you will learn how to:

• Use pivot tables to create data aggregations

• Visually represent data using pivot charts

• Calculate margins and other ratios using calculation on pivot tables

• Use slicers to filter data in multiple pivot tables

• Use formula-based techniques to create aggregate reports

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes, with a fee

Time to Complete: Four weeks

Curriculum: Intermediate

User Experience: Excellent

Quality of Instruction: Excellent


5. Excel for Sales Professionals (Offered by LinkedIn Learning)

If you work in sales, you almost certainly already have a LinkedIn premium account. Did you know that platform premium users have free access to the complete course catalogue? There are thousands of courses to choose from, and the most of them come with a shareable badge or certificate that can boost your profile’s legitimacy.

This free online Excel course is a great way to expand your business knowledge. It will teach you how to:

This free online Excel course is an ideal addition to your business skillset. In it, you will learn how to:

• Get started with templates

• Import your sales data

• Work with tables

• Analyze your sales data

• Create great sales solutions like yearly summaries, reports for multiple sales reps, map charts, and more.


6. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Over 107,000 people have enrolled in this highly rated course. It is intended for individuals who want to learn how to use Excel and then apply it to business statistics. Over the course of four weeks, the class will take roughly 20 hours to complete. This free online Excel course covers a wide range of topics, including:

• Formatting

• Advanced formula techniques

• Data analyzing

Certificates for the course are only available on Coursera’s premium level. Each module, however, can be audited for free. You can read and view all of the content while auditing the course. Students who want to get their certification but can’t afford the fee can apply for financial aid.

Cost: Free

Certificate: With a fee

Time to Complete: 20 hours

Curriculum: Beginner

User Experience: Excellent

Quality of Instruction: Excellent


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