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7 Best Life Coaching Courses Online You Can Opt (2023 updated)

7 Best Life Coaching Courses Online

In this article we will provide you with the 7 best life coaching courses online you can choose from. All of these life coaching certificate programs are highly in demand.

Life coaches assist people in setting goals, making lifestyle adjustments, and providing support.

To get started in this field, you’ll need to choose a respected life coach certification school that will equip you with the essential education and tools.

And let me tell you the good news is that a number of programmes provide both online and in-person instruction.

The top life coach certification programmes will include a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of life coaching. Some may offer training in niche areas like business coaching or health and wellness coaching.

The International Coach Federation has also granted them accreditation (ICF). Here, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various life coach certification programmes, as well as points to consider before enrolling.

1. Institute for Life Coach Training Professional Certification

Look no further than the Institute for Life Coach Training’s Professional Certified Coach program if you’re looking for an intensive life coaching curriculum that will set you up for years of success and knowledge (ILCT). The International Coaching Federation has accredited this curriculum as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) (ICF).

Despite the fact that this life coach certification program provides fewer training hours (130) than others, you’ll end up putting in far more time. According to the ILCT website, most weeks necessitate a time commitment of at least four to five hours. In addition, 500 hours of coaching experience are required for the course.

This life coaching school also needs you to register for certain classes at specific hours on specific days, similar to a college program. Consider the Professional Certified Coach program to be an unofficial associate’s degree in life coaching: you’ll have instructors who expect you to show up to class for an attendance grade, and you’ll have to pass examinations at the conclusion of each module with a 70% or higher passing mark.

The program length is about 18 to 24 months, and tuition for this program is around $7,700. By the end of it, you’ll earn a certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


  • The most comprehensive and intensive coaching program
  • Elective courses at no extra cost
  • Teaches about the business side of coaching
  • ICF approved


  • Requires a commitment of four to five hours per week
  • More expensive than other programs
  • Takes 18 to 24 months to complete


2. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

One of the most complete life coaching qualifications is offered by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC): This ICF-accredited life coaching programme includes a three-day live seminar, which can be attended electronically or in person at chosen locations, as well as a workshop series and almost 320 hours of coaching education online.

You’ll get three certifications in one: iPEC’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and two more credentials that will help you stand out among other life coaches. The entire course is offered via webinars, e-workbooks, and self-study resources, aside from the three days of live classes.

This certification can take 10 to 12 months, and the full program cost is $11,950. When you finish the coursework, you’ll receive the CPC credential.


  • Extensive library of tools and resources
  • Live sessions every three months
  • Earn three credentials through one certification program
  • ICF accredited


  • More expensive than other certification programs
  • Takes several months to complete
  • Not self-paced


3. Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification

The Health Coach Institute’s self-paced dual life and health coach course combines the two qualifications into one seamless experience in which you’ll learn the ins and outs of both professions.

Nutrition, habit modification, personal growth, and business education are the four key pillars of the programme (so you know what to do when you finish, right?). The course is offered entirely online. With recorded webinars, weekly mentorship sessions, online homework, and activities, and hands-on instruction, you’ll primarily self-learn.

The course lasts around six months and is self-paced. The ICF-accredited titles of Certified Health and Life Coach will be yours. To learn more about this programme, contact a programme representative. When paid in full, it costs $4,450, and when paid over 24 months, it costs $7,176.


  • Dual life and health coach certification
  • Focus on nutrition, personal growth, habit change, and business education
  • ICF accredited


  • No in-person classes or training
  • The payment plan is significantly more expensive than upfront payment


4. Life Purpose Life Coach Certification

Check out the Life Purpose Life Coach Certification on Udemy if you want to learn some life coaching skills and knowledge to implement in your own life. This is a brief, condensed course aimed at helping you discover your life’s mission. Finding the answer to this question might elicit feelings of inspiration, courage, motivation, and resolve, all of which are desirable attributes.

Furthermore, who knows? You might find yourself using your life coach certification to assist others as well. This course costs $169.99, however it is frequently on sale for a fraction of that price, as are most Udemy courses. You’ll gain lifetime access to more than seven hours of on-demand video from Transformation Services, as well as a life coach certification.


  • Costs under roughly $200
  • Often on sale for under about $50
  • Can be completed in one day


  • Focuses more on finding your life purpose than on coaching
  • Leads to a life purpose coach certification not in-depth life coach certification
  • Not accredited by a recognized certifying body


5. Coach U Core Essentials Program

If you’re seeking a career transition, the Coach U life coaching credential is appropriate because the organisation understands that many life coaches work part-time around other job schedules until they can make the leap to full-time coaching. Furthermore, some life coaches merely seek their accreditation so that they can apply ideas to their present profession or business.

The Coach U Core Essentials curriculum, in particular, is totally virtual, consisting of live online classes that take only 77 hours to complete.

The Coach U Core Essentials curriculum focuses on the essentials because the class time is short. You’ll discover all you need to know to be a successful life coach, including the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and the ICF Coaching Model.


  • A self-paced program that typically takes 6 months
  • Offered as distance learning or in-person
  • Can take a week-long intensive workshop
  • ICF approved


  • Does not offer business courses
  • Minimal continuing coach education hours
  • Not as much support as other programs


6. Integrative Wellness Academy Master Life Coaching Program

You can expand your career by acquiring a master’s life coach certification if you already hold a life coach certification from the Integrative Wellness Academy. You’ll build on what you already know, apply high-level coaching strategies, and learn how to teach even the most difficult clients in this advanced life coach training programme from the Integrative Wellness Academy.

The master’s course, which costs $2,499, is divided into five sections: integrative life coaching, relationship and family coaching, career and financial coaching, health coaching, and self-development and spiritual coaching. You can choose one of the five specializations for your final credential, but you will study about all five. The course can be completed entirely online.

According to the Integrative Wellness Academy, accreditation limits the flexibility of training programmes. Because the Academy is constantly producing new coaching strategies and training materials in response to global trends, requiring accreditation for each programme update feels restrictive.

You will receive the Master Practitioner of Integrative Life Coaching Certification after finishing the master’s programme (MILC).


  • Advanced-level master certification
  • Teaches high-level coaching techniques
  • Covers life coaching, career and finance, health and wellness, relationship and family, self-development and spiritual
  • Dual enrollment possible


  • Must have completed IWA’s ILC program in order to enroll in their MILC program.
  • Requires learning about all five distinct areas


7. Certified Life Coach Institute Life Coach Certification

The Certified Life Coach Institute’s three-day life coach certification offers around 33 hours of immersive study for $995, which is ideal for people wishing to get certified quickly. Expect three days of high-quality training and information.

You’ll discover the ICF Core Competencies of becoming a life coach, as well as techniques to help you start and build your business and the coaching scope of practice, throughout the course. You’ll also learn important coaching tactics and techniques including how to let your clients lead and how to listen carefully.

While this fast certification will get you started in the life coaching profession, it’s a good idea to invest in longer-term training over the course of your career to guarantee that you provide a valuable service to your clients.


  • Short completion time
  • More affordable compared to other programs
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) approved


  • Not in-depth like other certifications
  • Must complete levels one and two to join ICF


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What Is a Life Coach Certification?

A life coach certification is a document that signifies you’ve completed a life coach training program by an educational institution. Think of it like obtaining a personal training certification or a nutrition coaching certification.

A life coach certification enables you to coach others in specific areas of life (usually of the coach’s choosing), such as wellness, finances, career, and habit change.

What Are the Qualifications You Need to Become a Life Coach?

There are no mandatory prerequisites to becoming a life coach. Life coaching is an unregulated industry and doesn’t require a college degree, work experience, or prior certifications. Anyone who wants to become a life coach can do so.

How Much Does a Life Coach Certification Cost?

The price of a life coach certification varies, but it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The entire cost is determined by the program’s length, delivery type, and intensity.

A few life coaching certification programmes are eligible for financial help. Even if a programme does not provide scholarships or financial aid, it may offer a payment plan or financing that allows you to enroll and pay for the course in installments. The following life coach certification programmes that provide a payment plan or financing are included on this list:

Institute for Life Coach Training is a Certified Life Coach Institute (interest-free payment plans)
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Integrative Wellness Academy Health Coach Institute

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