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Best Nursing Programs in Texas Online | Top Online Nursing Schools in Texas 2024

best online nursing programs in Texas

Welcome to the article. This article answers questions like which are the best nursing programs in Texas Online, online nursing programs in texas, and which nursing schools in Texas with high acceptance rates.

The best course of action to become a nurse in Texas is to obtain a nursing degree from a local university.

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You won’t need to complete any qualifications to become a registered nurse (RN) in the Lone Star State if you have a degree from a recognized Texas institution. You should choose the best nursing school for you because not all nursing schools are established equal.

Registered Nurses Stats and Facts in the USA:

Registered Nurses Stats and Facts in USA

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We’ve compiled a list of Texas’ top nursing programs to aid in your decision-making.

Top Online Nursing Schools in Texas 2024

Best Nursing Programs in Texas Online

1. University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Austin, which is based in Central Texas, emphasizes supporting the neighborhood. Its nursing programs are founded on this principle, and many nurses go on to work in these kinds of communities. Students should apply to this institution without a doubt, but because there is fierce competition, they should also apply to other Texas-based schools.

At this university, there are three main BSN options:

  • Traditional BSN
  • Internal Transfer BSN: for non-nursing majors who want to switch to the program.

Check University of Texas at Austin Website

2. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman’s University, as its name suggests, caters largely to female students. In the state, TWU is among the top institutions for nursing research in fields including women’s health and effective patient outcomes. Anyone interested in obtaining a graduate degree should pay attention to this university. Although the universities’ emphasis is on graduate studies, a BSN program is still available, and men are welcome to apply to Texas Woman’s University’s nursing school as well.

There are three ways at Texas Women’s University:

  • Traditional BSN
  • BSN Weekend/ Evening Program
  • Online- RN to BSN

Check Texas Woman’s University website

3. University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas, which has the name of the patron saint of colleges and students, has made a name for itself as one of the best private schools in Texas. While gaining clinical experience, nursing students in Houston can benefit from the city’s urban setting and numerous hospitals in the area. After graduation, the city is a fantastic area to obtain employment.

There are differenttracks to choose from at this university:

  • BSN
  • Accerlated BSN
  • RN to MSN: for ADN educated nurses who wish to bypass a BSN a achieve an MSN

Check University of St. Thomas website

4. Abilene Christian University

The current campus of Abilene Christian University, or ACU, was inaugurated ninety years ago. Since that time, ACU has developed into one of the best private colleges in Texas and is the location of the best nursing programme in the area. The BSN curriculum framework aims to develop servant-leaders in the community, which is a fantastic foundation for nurses who might eventually wish to go to graduate school. Both an on-campus and online BSN are available through the university. ACU also offers a DNP programme in addition to an online pre-nursing track.

Check Abilene Christian University website

5. University of Mary Hardin – Baylor

It is a particular honour for the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor to hold the title of Texas’s first continuously operating university. It’s interesting to note that the university was first a female college and has now expanded to around 4,000 pupils. The majority of nursing students at UMHB are enrolled in the BSN programme, while there are also MSN and doctoral programmes in nursing. Texas state universities offer more economical education options for aspiring nurses, but it’s difficult to discount the high NCLEX pass rate.

This university offers the following BSN nursing pathways:

  • Traditional BSN
  • Accelerated online BSN: for nurses who already have an ADN degree

Check University of Mary Hardin – Baylor website

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Advantages of Online Nursing Programs

Online nursing degree programs are considered an approachable and good method to receive your RN degree without attending an offline classroom.

Here are the other advantages that come with it.

  1. The expenses of online nursing programs are usually lower than offline.
  2. Learning from home enforces you to adopt a higher level of self-discipline which is a plus for your future employers.
  3. You have an advantage of the flexibility of online nursing classes like most classes and assignments can be done at your own convenience, making it easy to schedule around other responsibilities.
  4. It helps you to enhance your technical skills.
  5. Grants more people, and working professionals access to education.
  6. Convenient schedule and location for students/professionals.

What is the fastest way to become an RN (Nurse) in Texas?

Think about whether you study best online or in a classroom environment to choose the best course of action for you. When deciding which programmes to apply to, keep these variables in mind because anything as simple as the learning environment you are exposed to can make or break your chances of becoming an RN. Knowing all of your options before you begin could mean the difference between delaying your entry into the workforce by four more years or pursuing a faster route to becoming an RN.

The two most popular fast track alternatives are a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN). Each of these methods of receiving nursing instruction calls for passing the NCLEX licensing test.

What are the requirements to become a nurse in Texas?

You need to have an ADN, BSN, or graduate degree in order to earn a nursing license in Texas. Accepted bridge programmes are those that lead from an ADN or BSN school to licensure as a vocational nurse. The state requires two exams after graduation: the NCLEX-RN and the Jurisprudence exam.

What is the average nurse salary in the United States?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 

  • Texas is the second-highest employer of nurses in the country, with 217,630 nurses working there.
  • Texas nurses made a mean annual wage of $79,120 in 2022, which was slightly less than the national average.

Texas is one of the states that employ the most nurses, while not having the best compensation. The average property price in Texas, however, is far lower than the national average, making it a comparatively inexpensive state. Compared to other high-employment states like California or New York, money may go a lot further in Texas.

Large urban regions and some of the most renowned hospitals in the country can be found in Texas. Nurses can get useful experience, and many decide to further their studies and specialize in their field in order to find work with greater salaries.

Why should you care about the nursing program’s accreditation?

Although you may not be very aware of accreditation, it is crucial when evaluating nursing programs. You won’t be able to take the NCLEX and become a registered nurse if a school doesn’t have the proper accreditation. Additionally, it might be considerably harder to acquire work.

The two nursing accreditation organizations to look for are

If a school/university is accredited by one of these institutions, then its nursing program adheres to strict national standards.

Nursing schools with high acceptance rates

The top 10 schools that admitted the most nursing master’s students for autumn 2015 are listed below. Unranked colleges that didn’t meet U.S. News’ requirements to receive a numerical ranking weren’t taken into account for this report.

School name (state)Number of applicantsNumber of applicants acceptedAcceptance rateU.S. News rank
Clemson University (SC)2121100%149 (tie)
Nebraska Wesleyan University4545100%RNP*
Northwestern State University of Louisiana103103100%133 (tie)
Prairie View A&M University (TX)3333100%RNP
Regis University (CO)5252100%168 (tie)
Southeastern Louisiana University3838100%RNP
University of Central Arkansas2323100%RNP
University of North Carolina—Pembroke2222100%192 (tie)
Monmouth University (NJ)807998.8%124 (tie)
University of Kansas474697.9%48 (tie)

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