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Best Robotics Classes for Kids Online 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Robotics Classes for Kids Online

This article will put some highlights on the Free Robotics Classes for Kids Online, free and paid. We have curated some trending online robotics classes for kids (robotics courses for kids) for you.

Children in the twenty-first century are exposed to technology from an early age, allowing them to operate computers and other IT devices without difficulty as they get older. Check out either another article What Are Visual-Motor Skills?

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This is an excellent place for kids to begin their journey into the worlds of coding and robotics, laying the groundwork for their future employment. You can find robotics classes for kids by narrowing down the area of interest as well as choosing a price range that you are comfortable with.

Robotics Classes for Kids Online 2024
Robotics Classes for Kids Online 2024

What is robotics for kids?

Robotics deals with designing and operating mechanical devices like robots. Creating a robot is just one part of the challenge; the other part is programming (Coding) instructions for the robot to execute.

So, what is robotics for kids? It is essentially a means for kids to become acquainted with the various possibilities of STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Students utilize robotics kits to construct and programme robots while playing. Teachers monitor activities and assist students in achieving their goals to ensure that the entire process is beneficial.

How can I find the right robotics online course for my kid?

The online robotics course you select for your child should be complicated enough to be both demanding and fascinating. At the same time, don’t overestimate their ability to learn because a robotics course may quickly become overwhelming and scary.

Interest Area:

Not every child is interested in robotics. Some people may be interested in sensing technologies, while others may be interested in solar-powered robots, and so on. Another person may be enthralled by artificial intelligence. Please ask your kid whether they want to work on a project or if they have an idea of what they want to accomplish.

Affordable Pricing:

It is recommended that you conduct extensive research on the firm or group that is providing online robotics courses for children. There may be inauthentic sources that offer inferior services at a high cost, therefore it is essential to investigate the legitimacy of the courses offered.

Teacher Assistance:

We encourage that you choose classes where teachers assist your kid rather than do-it-yourself ones. Students frequently become stuck with their work and want assistance. Giving your child the proper aid at the right moment can greatly inspire him or her.

Here are Some of the Best Robotics Classes for Kids Online to Learn from:


In this online robotics program for kids, Robotics, children will learn to code virtual 3D Robots. Just like using a flight simulator, your child will have a lot of fun coding Robots to navigate various 3D mazes while learning the foundations of mechanics, physics and engineering.

robotic classes reviews and real testimonials
Robotic classes reviews and real testimonials

During the course students will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Programming statements: if/else, loops, while and random.
  • Variables: use variables to store information.
  • Sensors: use gyroscope, tachometer, touch and color sensors

Location: Online classes


2) Robotics (Career Building Course) Robot Online Course

Through this online robotics course, kids will study and build a robot that can be controlled with hand gestures. Children will also learn about techniques such as how motors function, how sensors are calibrated, and other related topics. Skyfi Labs recognizes a child’s potential and builds confidence in them at an early age, which has a significant impact on the child’s career path.

Robotics career building course

Key Points:

  • Start from zero
  • Learn the concepts
  • Develop Robotics (Career Building Course) project(s) from scratch
  • Kit shipped to you in 24 hours
  • Earn a smart certificate & showcase skills
  • Learn using high-quality tutorials developed by experts
  • Learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience
  • Clear doubts 1-1 with experts on Skype/Chat
  • Your Robotics (Career Building Course) kit shipped in 24 Hours


3) Build your 1st Arduino Robot: Arduino for Kids & Parents

Learn Theory while applying them

Start learning by applying the fundamentals instead of learning the long theories first.

Arduino for Kids & Parents
Arduino for Kids & Parents

These robotics classes for kids have been deliberately kept short to deliver outcomes quickly & we have knowingly skipped a few concepts which are not necessary while starting but are learning barriers to start enjoying technology. You will learn concepts to understand the electronics or science behind every item, Circuit designing & building circuits from scratch, logic building for programming Arduino but be assured that you will start building Arduino applications from the very first session. Believe me, Robotics is for everyone and you are going to make it a kids stuff during this course.

  • Arduino LED Circuit Design & Control – 10 Activities
  • Arduino Motor Circuit Design & Control – 3 Activities
  • Very Simple Arduino Robot – 2 Activities
  • Sensor Circuit & Programming – 4 Activities
  • Obstruction Avoiding Robot Circuit & Programming – 2 Activities

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build electronic circuits from Scratch
  • Learning to build Programming from Scratch
  • Programming the Arduino prototyping platform
  • Understanding use of Sensors and other Components
  • Build an Obstacle Avoiding robot
  • Build Electronic Devices using LED’s motors sensors


4) Robotics Specialization: (FREE ONLINE COURSES FOR ROBOTICS

Learn the Building Blocks for a Career in Robotics. Gain experience programming robots to perform in situations and for use in crisis management

The Introduction to Robotics Specialization introduces you to the concepts of robot flight and movement, how robots perceive their environment, and how they adjust their movements to avoid obstacles, navigate difficult terrains and accomplish complex tasks such as construction and disaster recovery. You will be exposed to real-world examples of how robots have been applied in disaster situations, how they have made advances in human health care and what their future capabilities will be. The courses build towards a capstone in which you will learn how to program a robot to perform a variety of movements such as flying and grasping objects.

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes 

Time to Complete: Approximately 7 months

Curriculum: Beginner 


5) Robotics for Kids: All Types of Robotics Classes for Kids

The best online robotics classes

Children may learn robotics in the comfort of their own homes with the greatest online robotics schools. Your youngster can attend a robotics lesson at a time that is convenient for them with online classes. They also give a systematic manner for students to learn new content so that they can progress fast. Furthermore, robotics classes allow students to ask a real expert in the subject any queries they may have. The live environment also encourages pupils to make progress and complete the session.

Customized learning-

Find a path your child will love with 30+ computer science subjects rated 5-stars by parents.

Award-winning curriculum-

Recognized by Minecraft Education, Meta’s Engineer for the Week, Roblox Education, ActivityHero, and Hulafrog.

100% satisfaction guarantee-

We will help you find the perfect class, or get a full refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

Top Robotics Statistics & Facts

  • Last year, the total count of robotic units was 12 million worldwide. But, solely North American businesses are recorded to purchase 31,044 robotics.
  • Cobots or commonly called “Collaborative robots,” are expected to constitute a total of 34% of overall robot sales by the end of 2025.
  • Coming to the regional robotics statistics, North American companies grew by 3.5% in 2021
  • A significant rise of 12% was observed in robots’ shipments from 2020 to 2022 worldwide.
  • The National Bureau of Statistics data states that China’s production of industrial robots has been increasing continuously by 29.2% annually.
  • From 2021-2026, the Global Robotics Market will be valued at USD 74.1 billion with a 17.45% CAGR, which was used to be the only USD 27.73 billion last year.
  • The Amazon’s cobots have effectively saved $22 million
    Source: Robotics Statistics You Need To Know in 2022 (

What is the best robotics kit for beginners?

The best robotics kit for beginners depends on your personal tradeoff between costs and features. Lego EV3 and Vex IQ are the two most popular robots for middle school competitions, and many elementary school students start learning robotics using them as well. However both are fairly expensive.

The NY Times published a review recently where these two robotics kits are the ones that stand out the most.

As mentioned above, Meccanoid is very cool, though its mobility is pretty limited. One of the key areas of the overall robotics field is electronics. A great place to start learning is Snap Circuits. Older kids can learn Micro:bit and Arduino. And we have courses for both – Lights and Beat with Microbit, and Circuit Wizards – Arduino for Kids. (Source:

What are the benefits of robotics?

The advantages of robotics are manifold. Robots are extremely exact, excel at repetitive tasks, keep people safe, and can perform some tasks faster than humans. Learning them is also a lot of fun.

Why is robotics important for the future?

Robotics is crucial for the future because it is already present in our daily lives, from our homes (e.g., the iRobot vacuum) to Amazon warehouses, vehicle assembly lines, and space shuttles. Robotics will become progressively more useful and powerful as artificial intelligence advances. They’ll be driving automobiles, delivering packages, assisting in the home, and even exploring distant planets for us. A thorough understanding of robotics will be extremely beneficial to your child’s future success. If you care about the future, you’ll enjoy it.

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