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10 Best Universities in the US for International Students 2024-2025

10 Best Universities in the US for International Students 2024-2025

Every year, thousands of international students attend some of the top universities in the United States. As more students seek higher education in the United States, competition for these prized slots will heat up. Some US institutions accept more international students than others; thus, your chances of admission may be significantly higher.

The USA has many opportunities: the best universities with high acceptance rates, excellent scholarships, good salaries, and excellent quality of life.

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Let’s find out which universities are the best for international students and why they should be on your application shortlist!

How can you find the best universities in the United States for international students?

Look further and consider other prestigious college possibilities. The United States is a popular location for overseas students for various reasons. First and foremost, choose: The United States has almost 5,000 colleges and universities, compared to 875 in India and 2,663 in China, and many of them provide great academics and campus culture.

As you begin researching the best American institutions for international students, here are a few questions you should consider:

  • How does my preferred major or course of study rank?
  • What is the reputation of the faculty and instructors?
  • Is the student body diverse, and is there a strong sense of community on campus?
  • What kind of research and facility resources will I have access to?
  • What are the career outcomes? Can I land my dream internship?
  • What are the required English proficiency and GRE scores?

Program Ranking vs. School Ranking Stats

  • U.S. News & World Report is a major ranking system for American institutions; it is comprehensive, detailed, and available for free Internet research.
  • The National institutions’ list includes 392 colleges and universities.
  • The top 250 colleges on the National Universities ranking are commonly referred to as “tier 1.”
  • U.S. News grades everything from the most popular majors (engineering and business) to unusual courses (ceramics and midwifery).
  • They also cover additional useful learning and campus categories such as greatest first-year experience, most international students, and undergraduate research initiatives.
  • When you begin your search for the best institutions in the USA for international students, look beyond the top 20 and investigate particular programs, using sources such as U.S. News & World Report’s international business ranking list.

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What are the 10 Best Universities in the US for International Students?

The most popular universities may not be the best for international students. When researching top universities in the United States, go beyond the top 20 and look into specific programs as well. International students can apply to over 5,000 universities in the United States, which include liberal arts, management, Computer science, Law programs, Health Science, Medical degrees, Fine Arts, Aviation, and many more trending educational programs.

Here are the top ten US universities with the most international students enrolled.

1. UMass Boston University (University of Massachusetts)

UMass Boston University

UMass Boston is a Tier 1 National University* and ranks it as the 28th most diverse college in America. UMass Boston, in cooperation with Shorelight, provides 65 undergraduate and six graduate degrees in subjects such as liberal arts, teaching, science and mathematics, environmental science, and more.

In the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, the University of Massachusetts—Boston is ranked #216 for National Universities. Tuition & fees for in-state students are $15,535, while out-of-state students pay $37,211.

With its location in the largest city in New England, the country’s most prestigious higher education region, chances for international students abound. For example, the university’s breakthrough research relationships include collaborations with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which allow both students to conduct cancer research in marginalized regions. The on-campus Network Information Systems Laboratory, a cutting-edge research facility, allows students to conduct research in present and developing subjects such as computer networking, distributed systems, and information systems.

  • In-state tuition and fees: $15,535
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 12,221
  • UMass Boston University Acceptance Rate: 81%
  • Visit School Website

2. The University of Rochester

The University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is a private, non-sectarian institution. Rochester is one of the top 60 research institutions in the United States, as well as one of the world’s best universities for entrepreneurs. International students at the University of Rochester pay $64k approx for an undergraduate course and $51k for a postgraduate course.

The highly ranked William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Medical Center, Department of Political Science, and Department of Economics are among the graduate programs offered by the University of Rochester.

The University of Rochester has an admittance rate of 39%. According to QS World Rankings 2024, the University of Rochester is ranked #224. Rochester is home to more than 3,600 foreign students and scholars from over 120 countries. More than 12,000 students attend the University, including 6,780 undergraduates and 5,030 full-time graduate students.

  • Tuition & Fees: $64,384
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,767
  • The University of Rochester Acceptance Rate: 39%
  • Visit School Website

3. Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University ranked #79 among the top colleges in the United States, combines with Shorelight to provide international students with 49 majors and more than 50 different concentrations, including arts and sciences, nursing and human psychology, business, and engineering. Gonzaga University’s undergraduate business department is one of the top 100 in the United States, while its graduate accounting program is ranked 26th!

Gonzaga University’s ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #93. Its tuition and fees are $53,500.

Located in scenic Spokane, Washington, the institution places a major emphasis on research-driven teaching, supporting undergraduate student research through its Venture Lab and Integrated Science & Engineering facility. Gonzaga’s Career Trek program allows students to meet with prominent firms across the country, including Microsoft, Nike, the New York Stock Exchange, and Wells Fargo.

  • Tuition & Fees: $53,500
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,084
  • Acceptance Rate: 70%

4. The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley Engineering)

the university of california berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, was founded in 1868 and is ranked fourth among the world’s greatest universities.* The campus is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, near Silicon Valley’s major tech corporations such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and others.

National Universities ranked University of California, Berkeley at number fifteen in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges. $15,891 is the in-state tuition and fees; $48,465, is the out-of-state tuition and fees.

UC Berkeley’s Engineering Master’s Prep program, a five-week digital learning course, provides teaching from top-ranked professors from the world’s eighth-best engineering program (Shanghai World Rankings 2016). The curriculum covers fundamental engineering ideas and how to prepare for a master’s degree in engineering. Collaborate with your students and UC Berkeley instructors in real time using the Shorelight Live Technology digital classroom experience, which will increase engagement compared to a traditional classroom setting.

Berkeley includes 14 schools and colleges, including several graduate and professional schools such the School of Optometry and the Graduate School of Journalism. Other graduate programs offered include those at the highly regarded Haas School of Business, Graduate School of Education, College of Engineering, and School of Law.

  • In-state tuition and fees: $15,891
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 32,831
  • Acceptance Rate: 11%

5. New York University (NYU)

New York University

New York University (NYU) is a private institution located in New York, United States. It is one of the most popular higher education institutes, noted for networking and providing extensive venues for teaching, research, and learning to address global concerns. International students’ tuition expenses for undergraduate courses range between $14k and $61.6k, while those for graduate courses range between $28k and $80k.

The acceptance rate at New York University is 8% for the class of 2027. According to QS Global Rankings 2024, NYU is ranked #38. As of Fall 2023, NYU’s total student enrollment exceeds 61,000. However, if we discuss the international student data, then in 2022–23, NYU has more than 24,000 international students.

6. Louisiana State University–Baton Rouge

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University (LSU) is ranked #72 among the greatest public institutions in the United States*, and it is one of the top 1% of national colleges with land-, sea-, and space-grant status. International students pursuing an undergraduate degree at LSU Global can select from over 70 majors in 330 fields of study, with a focus on hands-on learning and experienced faculty support. LSU also offers students the opportunity to study highly specialized areas such as petroleum engineering, which is ranked 10th best in the United States!

Baton Rouge is a multicultural city that celebrates individuals from all walks of life with festivals like Jazz Fest, Blues Fest, and the world-renowned Mardi Gras! You can also advance your career by networking with top companies like IBM, KPMG, Exxon Mobil, and many others.

  • Setting: Urban
  • In-state tuition and fees: $11,954
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,952
  • Acceptance Rate: 76%

Visit School Website

7. University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF) is the country’s second-largest university, with over 66,000 students, and provides a variety of unique English language programs for students wishing to study in the United States. UCF’s over 100 undergraduate majors include art, linguistics, international studies, accounting, engineering, and more, with the UCF College of Engineering ranked among the top 100 engineering institutions in the United States! *

UCF’s campus is in Orlando, Florida, which is well-known for its amusement parks and family attractions. The university provides hospitality students with a wide range of options to obtain industry experience while also earning a world-class degree.

University of Central Florida’s ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #124. Its in-state tuition and fees are $6,368; out-of-state tuition and fees are $22,467.

Graduate students can take advantage of a variety of programs at the University of Central Florida, including those offered by the Colleges of Business Administration, Engineering, and Computer Science, as well as Education.

8. Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is a public university established in 1964. It has an overall undergraduate enrollment of 9,950 (fall 2022), an urban environment, and an 85-acre campus. It follows a semester-based academic calendar. Cleveland State University is ranked #320 in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges under National Universities. The in-state tuition and fees are $12,550, while the out-of-state tuition and fees are $17,875.

Cleveland State University is located in downtown Cleveland and provides over 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees. Approximately one-third of CSU students are pursuing a graduate degree, and programs offered include those at the Monte Ahuja College of Business, the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, the Washkewicz College of Engineering, and the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Cleveland State University is ranked #320 in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges under National Universities. The in-state tuition and fees are $12,550, while the out-of-state tuition and fees are $17,875.

  • In-state tuition and fees: $12,550
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 9,950
  • Acceptance Rate: 85%

9. University of South Carolina

Students at the University of South Carolina (UofSC) can pick from over 350 undergraduate and 10+ graduate degree programs in a variety of areas such as computer engineering, economics, hospitality management, business, and many more.

The University of South Carolina is ranked #124 in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges under National Universities. Tuition & fees for in-state students are $12,688, while out-of-state students pay $33,928.

The University of South Carolina is located in Columbia, South Carolina’s capital city, and is an excellent site to start your higher education adventure. The university’s undergraduate international business degree has been named #1 in the United States for 22 years in a row*, and it ranks third among US universities for first-year student experiences.* The UofSC International Accelerator program allows students to get a worldwide perspective through internships with international companies such as Bosch, CNN, Disney, and Ernst & Young.

  • In-state tuition and fees: $12,688
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 27,343
  • Acceptance Rate: 64%
  • Visit School Website

10. Boston University

Boston University, founded in 1839, is a private research institution located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university has around 37,000 students, including 7,000 international students from over 140 countries. At the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the university’s 17 schools and colleges offer over 300 degree programs as well as 80 study abroad programs. The university is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, thus it can provide degree programs.

Boston University’s ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #43. Its tuition and fees are $65,168.

According to the US News and World Report, Boston University’s admittance rate is 14%. This demonstrates that the university’s application process is highly competitive. However, overseas students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above to be admitted to the university.

  • Tuition & Fees: $65,168
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 18,459
  • Acceptance Rate: 14%

Visit School Website

Final Words

These were the list of best US universities for international students according to their Student Support Services, Research and innovation, programs, infrastructures, acceptance rates, placements, education qualities, and student numbers. This article is for information purposes only, No promotion or sponsorship of any educational institution is involved in this article. Before taking admission kindly double-check the university’s reviews properly.


Top 10 Universities in the USA for International Students


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