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Best Driver CPC Courses & Training Online 2024

driver cpc courses

I will provide you with a complete guide to Driver CPC Courses & Training Online and What is the Driver CPC? through this article. all about Diver CPC and who needs it? First, let’s come to know what you mean by driver cpc and its definition.

What is the Driver CPC?

A professional bus, coach, or truck driver must have a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). In 2008, It was implemented by the European Union across Europe with the goal of improving road safety and maintaining strong driving standards.

If a driver will be driving a vehicle that is over 3.5 tonnes or holding over 9 passengers and wants to receive payment for doing so, then the driver needs a Driver CPC.

New drivers earn their CPC by passing a series of basic qualification tests that include both theoretical and practical elements. This must be maintained every 5 years with 35 hours of periodic training, otherwise, the certificate will expire.

To keep driving for a living, all drivers must undergo 35 hours of periodic training every five years on an ongoing basis. To see how many hours they have completed, drivers can check their Driver CPC periodic training record online.

Drivers receive periodic training in the form of courses that they take over the five-year period that their current Driver CPC is valid. These tests do not have a pass or fail component. A training course must be at least seven hours long, although it can be longer. When a seven-hour course is divided into two parts, the second half must begin within 24 hours after the previous part’s completion. JAUPT must approve all driver CPC courses.

Check if you need Driver CPC to drive a lorry, bus or coach – GOV.UK (

If you drive any of the following as a means of your principal source of income, you must be CPC certified:

  • Articulated lorries
  • Tipper trucks
  • Bin lorries
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Buses – both regional and local
  • Coaches – both regional and continental.

What if a driver is caught driving without a valid CPC?

If the driver is found driving without a valid CPC then it can be up to a £1000 fine. Even if he/she does not have his/her DQC card on him at the time when asked to produce it, it can be a £50 fine.

Top Driver CPC Courses & Training Online

1) 5-Day Complete Driver CPC Training Online Course

Course Aims

This course provides you with all the information you will need to complete your 35 hours periodic CPC requirement in one 5-day sitting. The course is designed to help you to confirm and expand on your existing knowledge and skills, and enable you to keep up to date with ever-changing legislation.

Course Content

The 5-day course will consist of content made up from the following day’s courses;


Upon completion of the 5-day course, you will have attained your required 35 hours to be CPC compliant. In addition, you will have acquired all the knowledge, skills and information to enable you to continue being a safe and considerate driver.

Virtual Video Conference – Maximum 20 people

  • Interactive discussion and question & answer sessions.
  • Diagrams and examples.
  • Individuals or groups work with assistance from the trainer.
  • Presentation and course handout material.

Course Duration: 35 Hours

driver cpc courses

2) Complete Driver CPC course, Mon – Fri (35 Hours/5 Days)

Google Rating 5.0 (735 Reviews)

Read below and learn about what this course involves, what you’ll learn, and the career opportunities that are available to those that complete it.

The modules for the whole week are:

Monday – Driver Fatigue & Drivers Hours WTD & Digital Tachograph

Tuesday – Customer Service and Conflict Management

Wednesday – Emergency First Response, Fire Prevention & Health & Safety

Thursday – The Importance of Defect Reporting & SAFED Theory

Friday – Professional Drivers, Distractions & Vulnerable Road Users

You may also book this course and spread your modules over a few weeks or months, please email us at [email protected] your required dates, this option gives you great flexibility.

Remote Online: – UK WIDE

You can now access Driver CPC training, using our Remote Training Programs. We offer you the opportunity to train whilst self-isolating, with some of the best interactive courses available today.

Why not check our reviews out, and see what other Drivers and operators think about our unique training styles.

What to bring?

You must bring either your full valid driving license or a valid driver qualification card (DQC).

Without one of these, you will not be able to attend the course.

This course includes 5 of the modules offered by CPC Direct that will cover all 35 hours required for periodic training.

driver cpc courses


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driver cpc courses

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What does CPC stand for in driving?

A professional bus, coach, or truck driver’s career-long professional development includes training for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). Upon passing your Driver CPC, a Driver Qualification Card will be given to you (DQC).

How much will the Driver CPC cost?

In Europe, the CPC charges are the followings;
Part 1a – Theory Test (multiple choice) – £28.00
Part 1b – Theory Test (hazard perception) – £12.00
Part 2 – Case Studies Theory Test – £24.00
Part 3 – Vocational license acquisition Practical Test (of driving ability) £115.00
Part 4 – Driver CPC Practical Test (vehicle safety demonstration) £55.00 weekday (£63.00 evening or weekend)


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