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What Jobs with an Economics Degree | Best Colleges for Economics Degree 2024 updated

This article is all about popular query on the internet “What jobs with an economics degree”. Economics degree is highly demanding in various sector. Because after getting an economics degree, many new avenues of earning are opened in front of you.

In today’s time, there is a very strong demand for an economics degree in the entire global labour market. If we talk about the career of USA students, then an economics degree has wide and varied paths. Because of this, today many students are looking for answers to this question – what can you do with an economics degree? Or what jobs with economics degrees?

In this article, a list is given for jobs of economics degree. As written below:-

What Can You Do with an Economics Degree?

  • A Marketing Research job
  • An Actuary job
  • Economic consultant or researcher job
  • The compensation and manager job
  • Financial researcher job
  • Credit analyst job
  • Lawyer job
  • Policy analyst job
  • Business reporter job
  • An investment analyst jobs etc.

People doing Economics degree strengthen the base of the country. Therefore, this job needs to be done with complete dedication and hard work.

Top Skills of Economics Majors

You can use an economics degree to study industry trends, prospects for individual companies, forces driving the economy, labour markets, lawyer, investment and market research, etc.

Economics is contributing a lot in the development of the country. Without this the development of the USA (United States America) cannot be envisaged. Individuals with an Economics degree should be able to translate their findings in a format that is easily understood by businessmen, leaders, legislators and everyday people of the country.

The person who holds an Economics degree carries the weight of development of the country. It is very important to maintain it well. So let’s see, Jobs for economics degrees.

Skills for Jobs of Economics Degree

For an Economics degree, you have to prepare the following skills within yourself. This tool is mandatory for your study. You can do higher studies from the University of United states America (USA). Like-

  • Unique thinking and new ideas
  • Data analysis speed
  • Fast math
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Good understanding of market movements etc.

How to Find Jobs for an Economics Degree?

To find jobs for an Economics degree you should adopt the following three tips. Which is as follows-

  • You have to make your thinking unique.
  • You have to do deep research on your job option.
  • Technical skills should be enhanced for your target job.
  • Continuous studies should be continued.

Most Common Jobs for Economics Degree

If you are studying for a job in economics degree, then your decision is the best. But we have actually found that a lot of money is required to study economics. Therefore, you can also do the following jobs. Like-

  • Financial Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Business Analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • Accountant etc.

Jobs for economics degree

Now I answer your question- “what jobs with an economics degree?”

1. Professional Economist jobs

In the Professional Economist jobs, you have to research and analyse economic data, local and national government, public and private banks, multinational companies, financial consultants, insurance companies, etc. However, for this you will have to study economics at postgraduate level. Only then can you acquire specialist skills.

To be a professional economist you will need to be convinced for advice on policy and business strategy accordingly to present to clients. Also you should be aware of the economic contexts.

2. Job as Market Research Analyst

Market research economists should have knowledge of the overall market movements. This job should include knowledge of collecting and analysing industry data. The individuals of this job are able to determine the amount of results and present it to the customer.

They are rich in products, software, writing and statistical skills of big companies. Along with this, they are adept at solving serious problems.

Salary: According to the BLS (Bureau of Labour statistics), the annual salary of the market research economist was around $ 34,350 in May 2019. However by 2029 it may increase by 18%.

3. Economics Job as Benefits Manager and Compensation

This work is also done in statistics. They prepare reports for products and findings for large companies. They have good ability to evaluate salaries and benefits.

They study in detail the competition in the market. And based on this study, they produce reports. It can also work with the human resources department.

Salary: According to the BLS, you can get an average annual salary of up to $ 122,270 in May 2019. And may increase by 18% by 2029.

4. Job of Economic Degree as Actuary

Individuals of Actuary Job have mathematical and statistical skills to insure. They produce statistical reports on deaths, diseases and occupational failures. For this, they also take help of software. And show their managers through graphs and charts.

They analyse the benefits and losses of insurance policies like economists of big companies.

Salary: According to BLS, the average annual income in May 2019 can be up to $ 108,350. . And will grow very rapidly by 18% in 2029.

5. Job of Economic Degree as Economic Advisor

These contribute significantly to the growth rate of the country. Because it works for business, finance, education, government, health and industries. It constantly study, the ups and downs in the country’s economic system, and advises the economic system.

Economic advisors perform the analysis of economic damage and intellectual property. Along with this, they also work in legal cases of retaliatory violations and regulatory violations.

Salary: The average annual income can be up to $ 76,487.

6. Job of Economic Degree as Financial Analyst

Financial analyst possesses quantitative skills. Who works as an analyst in the company’s stock, bond and finance divisions. These also contribute to the economic system of the country.

They use computer software and models to display data. They prepare and present digital reports for their customers. Who makes decisions about investments, stocks and acquisitions. These are important for the growth of the company.

They outline the company’s data for the investing public. So that they can easily buy the shares of the company.

Salary: According to the BLS, the average annual income in May 2019 was up to $ 81,590. And may increase by 5% by 2029.

7. Job of Economic Degree as Credit Analyst

They assess the risks associated with the loan fund. They work to maintain harmony between competitors of industries and prospective customers. They produce reports summarizing their findings. And give loans to customers. And suggests interest rates. However, it also carries risks. Therefore, you need to understand all subtle things very well.

Salary: In May 2019, the average annual salary of the credit analyst’s job was up to $ 73,650.

8. Job of Economic Degree as Lawyer

They possess critical thinking and analytical skills. It suggests legal activities based on its skills. It conducts subtle and comprehensive analysis in areas such as business, medicine, antitrust law, medical law, personal injury and tax law.

Their mind should be sharp. It can easily see even small things. They gather evidence and facts from their minds and present mandatory conclusions for their clients. They do the work of writing and research.

Salary: According to BLS, the average annual income in May 2019 was $ 122,960. Salary may increase by 4% by 2029 in future.

9. Job of Economic Degree as Advisor

In areas such as medicine, business, education, politics, etc., a management consultant is highly needed. It offers suggestions for arrangement in different areas. They analyse customer business problems and possible solutions for research. They work in positions such as research analyst, consultant or assistant.

They play an outstanding role in financial and quantitative modelling. They have the skills of writing and speaking in public places. And they all contribute to the solution of the problem.

Salary: According to the BLS, the average annual income of a management consultant in May 2019 was $ 85,260. However, it may increase by 11% by 2029.

10. Alternative Jobs of Economics Degree and Careers

Don’t you find the jobs of the above economics degree fixable? So you can do alternative jobs.

Such as Business Intelligence, Public Relations, Politics, Human Resource Management, Journalism, Law, Management, Market and Social Research, International Development, IT and Taxation etc. Apart from this, you can also become an entrepreneur and start a business.

Note: I hope you have found the answer to your question- “what jobs with economics degree?” And this article must have been very beneficial for you.

My hope is that you will be the future of USA (United States America) development. And will give our full contribution in moving our country forward.

Best Colleges for Economics Degree

The following colleges are the best top 5 universities for the study of Economics and business.

  • Harvard University – United States (Cambridge- U.S.)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – United States (Cambridge-U.S.)
  • University of California – United States (Berkeley)
  • Stanford University – United States (Stanford)
  • University of Pennsylvania – United States (Philadelphia)
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