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How To Learn a Language | Free Language Courses Online With Certificates [2024 updated]

Many want to know how to learn a language quickly so they can start reaping the benefits immediately. Here in this article, we will go through some crucial tips for learning language programs. 

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Learning a new language can be daunting at first but it’s very rewarding. It opens doors to new opportunities such as getting new jobs, easily interacting with native speakers in a different continent or even being able to read a novel in the native language it was first written in. If you desire to know how to learn a language or how to learn a language fast, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some tips that can help you do this:


1. Take online courses or face-to-face language classes

The first and easiest step is to enroll in an online language course or a face-to-face class. There are a lot of free online courses in many languages all over the world.

The beginner courses will help you to learn all the basic vocabularies and common words of the new language. This will enable you to speak basic sentences and phrases in a few weeks.

It will form the foundation for more complex terminologies and conversations in future.

2. Write in the target language

Try to take small notes. For example, you can jot down your dreams, list down numbers or even write a short story in the new language. Once you start writing down the words in the target language, you won’t forget easily.

3. Set goals

When starting to learn the target language, you have to set short, simple goals that can be measured after a period of time. For example, you can decide to learn the most common 100 words in the new language in 2 weeks and by the end of the duration, test yourself to see whether you’ve achieved your goal.

4. Carry a dictionary around

It’s important to buy or download a dictionary to help you understand certain words in the middle of conversations. For example, if you’re learning French, download an English-French app to use when conversing. It will greatly improve your ability to interact with others in French and increase your ability to remember the words.

5. Practice by conversing with experts in the new language

Constant interaction with people who speak the target language better than you will speed up your learning process. Speak the new language every day.

6. Read out loud

learning language online

When you read the new language loudly, you are able to practice the accent, pronunciations and sounds. This will improve your conversation and speaking skills in the target language.


7. Listen to native speakers

Listen to podcasts or radio stations that speak the language you want to learn. Watch YouTube videos of native speakers using English subtitles. You can go a step further and immerse yourself in the cultures of the people who speak the language you’re learning. Active listening will help you learn pronunciation of some words and how they are used in day-to-day conversations.

Watching movies and reading literature in the new language will refresh your memory on words and phrases.

8. Don’t worry about making mistakes while speaking the target language

People fear making embarrassing mistakes while speaking in the new language but this is inevitable. Don’t fear speaking the language with native speakers because that’s the most effective way of learning. Some will even help you when you’re blank during a conversation. You can also speak with younger native speakers if you’re nervous about conversing with a peer.

Try to be patient with yourself because the more you speak, the better you’ll become.

9. Be consistent

You have to practice the new language consistently in order to get results. It’s normal to go through periods when you’re demoralized or don’t have the time to study your language. However, it’s important to remain consistent by creating time every single day to practice your language. Stick to the schedule and you’ll start seeing results.

Where can I find free online language courses? 

So here the best language courses online free for you-


1. Tsinghua Chinese: Start Talking with 1.3 Billion People

To learn chinese language – This course focuses on the basic language skills needed for everyday conversation in Mandarin. It’s a beginner course and you don’t need to have prior experience in speaking Mandarin.

Skills obtained upon course completion

-Carrying out dialogue in mandarin.
-Understanding the language through taking part in listening exercises.

Domain: Foreign Language Courses.

Duration: 6 weeks, 2 to 3 hours per week.


2. Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started ( learning of spanish language )

This is for those who would like to learn how to converse in Spanish as the course starts with basics. After taking this course you will be able to ask simple questions, introduce yourself and speak in Spanish.

Skills gained upon course completion

-Speaking Spanish.
-Listening and understanding Spanish language.
-Writing in Spanish.
-Reading Spanish words.

Domain: Foreign Language Course.
Duration: 7 weeks, 4 to 5 hours per week.

3. Russian for beginners 1 (Russian language learning)

This course teaches basic Russian language including vocabulary and grammar. It’s a good way to learn how to have conversations in Russian.

Knowledge obtained upon course completion

-Russian names are formed.
-Conversational phrases in everyday life.
-How to construct proper Russian sentences.
-Speaking and reading in Russian.

Domain: Foreign Language Course.
Duration: 4 weeks,, 5 hours per week.

4. German 1 ( how speak german )

This is an introduction to the German language where learners are taught basic German vocabulary and how to articulate themselves in German. It is for everyone who wants to learn how to have conversations in German and you don’t need prior experience to start the course.


Skills obtained upon course completion

-How to introduce yourself in German.
-German grammar.
-How to converse in German.

Domain: Foreign Language Course.
Duration: 12 weeks.

5. Learn to Speak Korean 1 ( To learn korean language )

You will learn the necessary skills essential for conversing in Korean. In order to take this course, you need to know the Korean alphabet Hangeul. This course is essential for those who plan to live in Korea because it will enable you to interact with Koreans every single day through conversations in their native language.

Knowledge obtained upon course completion

-Korean Vocabulary.
-Korean grammar.
-Speaking in Korean.
-Understanding Korean language.
-Writing Korean language.

Domain: Foreign Language Courses.
Duration: 6 weeks, 32 hours’ worth of learning materials.

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