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Sewing Classes : Top Free Online Sewing Classes 2024 (Updated)

sewing classes for free

If you are surfing the internet for Top Free Online Sewing Classes, best sewing classes for free, how to use a sewing machine, best sewing classes in UK, etc. Then this post is the right fit for you.

I have mentioned some of the best sewing classes, courses, training programs, and tutorials available online. Most of these are free online sewing classes. I hope you will find what you are looking for.

Top Free Online Sewing Classes, Courses & Training for Free 2023

1. Learn to Sew | Beginners Sewing Course (Anita by Design)

Welcome to the Learn to Sew | Beginners Sewing Course (Lesson 1A)! In this course, you will learn the basics of sewing your own garments with commercial patterns. You don’t need any prior experience as the course is designed for true beginners. If you’ve never touched a sewing machine before, are new the sewing, or need a refresher after years of not sewing, then this course is for you.

Top Free Online Sewing Classes

I walk you through the process as you learn how to sew your own clothes using step-by-step, very detailed instructions. The pace is slow, making it easy to follow along. In the first lesson, we are making a circle skirt. If you don’t want to make a circle skirt, you can watch the video to learn the techniques and practice scrap fabric. Be sure to watch the videos in order, as each video builds upon skills learned in the previous lesson. I suggest you watch this video in full before starting. (Top Free Online Sewing Classes)

In this lesson you will learn the following:

1) How to Take Waist Measurement;
2) How to Read Pattern Envelope;
3) How to Shop for Pattern, Fabric & Notions;
4) How to Pre-treat Fabric.

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2. Sewing Techniques for Beginners (
Creativebug Studios)

Sewing online classes for free

Deborah Kreiling has been creating sewing patterns with the Simplicity Pattern Company for 35 years, and in her four-part course, she will teach you all of the basic skills you need to know to follow a pattern and make gorgeous clothing. Creativebug is offering this first class for free, so you will learn how to start making an iconic gathered skirt. While this garment is fairly simple, it offers lots of learning opportunities.

Total Lectures: 22

Tranier: Deborah Kreiling

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3. How to learn how to sew! – The process of how to get started sewing clothes! (Evelyn Wood)

How to sew the first time

Are you unsure where to begin when it comes to sewing? Yes! I’ll walk you through the procedure in a step-by-step fashion so you can get started sewing and stop feeling overwhelmed! Also, begin sewing your own outfits!

Start from the very start and learn the functions and how to thread your machine and get started sewing with your first project. Learn basic sewing terminology and techniques you will need to get for all your future projects!

Key Points:

  • MENDING — Your complete guide to learn to mend anything!
  • RE FASHION WORKSHOPS — More creative step by step refashions you can copy and customize to make your own!
  • FABRICS — A deep dive into understanding the types of fabric, how they are made and how to identify!
  • WORKING WITH PATTERNS — Everything the pattern envelope doesn’t tell you!
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4. Free Sewing Classes Online (Skillshare Sewing Courses)

Sewing classes are available on Skillshare’s website in a variety of formats. Quick & Dirty Sewing: Machine Crash Course will teach you how to use a sewing machine and teach you how to sew basic stitches. Learn how to read sewing patterns with Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing Patterns. You’ll learn how to optimise your pattern layout and expedite your sewing process so you can sew small batches at once with the help of Sewing For Selling. Courses on sewing goods like pouches, cushion covers, totes, and jackets are also available.

Explore sewing machine gear, master basic stitches, understand fabric, get down to the nitty-gritty of garment creation, and design wonderful garments with Skillshare’s sewing classes!

Key Points-

– With Skillshare’s sewing courses, you will learn how to use sewing machines and tools

– You can find courses that will straight away teach how you to sew an item like tote, jacket or a skirt

– As part of the course curriculum, you get to work on a project and demonstrate/assess your learning

– You can access the sewing courses using Skillshare mobile app

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5. Learn To Sew | Sewing Courses (Crazy Little Projects)

Crazy Little Projects is a website that offers free online sewing classes. These workshops are appropriate for beginners and cover all sewing methods. These tutorials will teach you how to recognize different types of fabric and how to use a sewing machine. You will be able to make basic patterns like baby bibs, blankets, tote bags, and pencil cases by the conclusion of the course and with the help of sewing tips and ideas provided on the website.

Key Points:

– The course is made up of simple and easy to understand lessons to teach you how to use a sewing machine and make basic patterns

– You can find sewing tips and ideas on the website

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6. Advanced Sewing Techniques (Gertie)

This YouTube channel offers excellent beginner sewing instruction for free. It will walk you through the entire clothing-making process. The instructor has a number of videos in which she sews various types of apparel.

These videos are simple to understand. She also has videos of herself troubleshooting sewing machine problems.

Duration: 19 Lectures

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