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Top Willow Weaving Courses & Classes Online 2024

best willow weaving courses

It would be an understatement to say that willow weaving is fascinating. It’s an original form of handiwork, art, and hobby that may glam up your home and even your personal style. It’s enjoyable and simple to learn as if that weren’t enough.

You can craft many beautiful art items out of willows. For example— willow baskets, outdoor furniture, willow sculptures, and more — which are all engaging and gorgeous. 

Due to increased interest in learning willow weaving, various top willow weaving courses & classes are available online mode too. Willow weaving for beginners courses is trending nowadays.

As per survey people from Somerset, UK, Yorkshire, and Scotland are more interested in willow weaving courses.

So I have drafted a list of paid and free willow weaving courses online/offline in this article

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Top Willow Weaving Courses & Classes

1. Willowtwisters – The 1st and ONLY! Online School of Willow Sculpture

Do you have a craving to weave? Would you like to try something new? How about weaving willow into a beautiful sculpture? Willowtwisters will teach you everything you need to know. We will guide you through the whole process of making willow sculptures and craft items – from willow preparation and frame building to all the different weaving techniques needed to complete your sculpture or craft item with a professional finish.

2. Best basket weaving classes: Master basket making online

Whether you’re interested in basic weaving techniques or are looking to master more complex skills, taking a few online basket weaving classes is the perfect way to get started.

Read up on some of the best basket weaving classes we’ve lined up in our guide and begin taking strides toward your new, soon-to-be favorite hobby!

Top Willow Weaving Courses
Source: School of Basketry

Even though they made every effort to make it simple, some sections of this course may still be challenging, especially if you are starting from scratch. Before you begin weaving this basket, make sure to view their beginner’s guide.

3. School of Basketry Online Basket Weaving Courses

The content on the School of Basketry is fully free, and there is no sign-up or course registration required, in contrast to the many inexpensive online basket weaving lessons that are readily available.

Asaf Salim, a teacher and self-taught basketmaker, offers a variety of basket weaving programs, from introductory courses to specialized instruction for experienced artisans.

Salim will lead beginners through eight succinct sessions covering fundamental weaving techniques during his program, Introduction to Willow Basket Making, which you will use to make a straightforward woven basket.

4. Beginners Guide to Basket Weaving (Textile Indie)

There are many diverse basket-weaving traditions, styles, and methods. A general introduction to basket weaving will be covered in this beginners’ guide.

 Willow weaving for beginners courses
Source: textileindie

This is not a comprehensive overview; rather, it provides a chance to view a general description of basket kinds before delving deeper into a particular design.

Visit the main page for basket weaving if you want additional details and instructions.

5. Beginning with Willow Weaving

This course is a beginning course for willow weaving. For many people, the very first encounter they have with a willow is making a willow fish and this is often enough to birth a love and passion for willow weaving that will last a lifetime.

This can lead on to basketry and working with sculptural willow weaving. It could be a very long road that will take you far, but this course provides you with an excellent first step.

What you’ll learn

  • How to weave willow
  • How to prepare frames for weaving
  • How to select materials
  • How to teach groups this skill
  • How to weave the figure of eight weaves.
  • How to adapt the process

6. Working with Willow

A one-day course introducing you to the traditional craft of working with willow & basket weaving. Get hands-on practice and learn the skills you need to work with willow and make baskets. Perfect for those new to basket weaving as well as those wishing to rekindle their skills.

About the Instructor:

Pat McFarlane is a lifelong crafter who has spent many years learning and developing her craft skills. A craft tutor for the Inner London Education Authority and Local Councils for many years Pat attended The London College of furniture and gained City and Guilds Basketry Parts I, II, and III over a period of 5 years.

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What is basket weaving?

Making a container for carrying goods was the original purpose of basket weaving.
Basket weaving is now more popular among makers, reenactors, and survivalists.
A basket is woven by first constructing a foundation and then weaving supporting parts around the foundation to produce a bottom and walls out of natural materials, frequently strong grasses and branches or wood splints.

Is basket weaving hard?

Learning to weave a basket is comparatively simple. Learn the fundamental over/under weaving stitch first, then start with a basket design.
As with any craft, once you are familiar with the fundamentals, it is simply a matter of repeatedly practicing to develop your motor skills and feeling of reed tension.
A pleasant fiber art talent to master is basket weaving.

What is willow material?

Willow is a flexible plant fiber that can be weaved into various fencing and building materials that resemble wood. It is categorized as a quickly renewable plant resource. Our willow products come in two varieties: the original, skinless, carbonized, and smoothly textured brown willow sticks

More resources: The language of the willow grower & weaver

Image credits: Pixabay cocoparisienne


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