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How to Become A Professional Cuddler: Career, Salary & Cuddling Job In 2024

How to Become a Professional Cuddler

Are you someone who loves cuddling and has thought “How to become a professional cuddler?” How can I make money cuddling?

Well, this detailed guide will show you how to make a career in professional cuddling and make money by giving hugs. We will cover other queries including professional cuddler salary, cuddler therapist jobs, panda cuddler jobs, etc. 

Have you ever wished you could spend forever cuddling with a friend, partner, or family member? Have you ever desired to engage in it more often yet been unable to find the time?

Fortunately, there are now chances to become a professional cuddler and earn money! Yes, you read correctly—you may work as a paid cuddler for other people! Cuddling can be a high-paying job as it is gaining popularity due to loneliness and the stressful life of people.

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For those who wish to work from home and be their own boss, this is an amazing side income option. Expert cuddlers anticipate a sharp increase in demand over the next few years as the number of individuals experiencing loneliness rises. Moreover working as a professional snuggler has to be one of the more unique side hustles you can do for making money.

What does Cuddler Mean?

What does Cuddler Mean

Someone who cuddles another person like holding them in their arms in a loving way, or someone who likes to cuddle other people, Mostly cuddling happens in lovable relations like mother to kids, couple, or other forms too. Hugging and spooning are also part of cuddling.

What is a Professional Cuddler or Cuddlerist? (Cuddling)

A professional cuddler, also known as a certified cuddler, “cuddler” or pro cuddler, is an individual who offers platonic, non-sexual touch therapy to clients. These cuddle therapists create a safe and comfortable environment where clients can experience the benefits of human touch, such as reduced stress, improved mental health, and increased feelings of connection.

Newsweek professional cuddling

Many research studies have proved that cuddling and snuggling improves overall health because this practice releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. This hormone lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, and makes you feel good on the inside. This is used in cuddle therapy to help patients feel comfortable and safe. You can read How to become a Lifeguard article which has similar skills requirements.

What Does A Professional Cuddler Do?

Professional cuddlers provide their customers with a special kind of service by providing a reassuring and platonic touch. What they do is this:

Cuddling Sessions: They provide customers the opportunity to feel the calming benefits of human contact during cuddling sessions. Usually non-sexual, the goal of these sessions is to provide a secure and caring atmosphere.

Emotional Support: By paying attention to their clients and being a kind presence, professional cuddlers assist their customers emotionally. Oftentimes, loneliness and anxiety may be lessened merely by holding or hugging someone.

Boundary Setting: To make sure that the snuggling stays within the parameters of comfort and safety, they clearly define limits with their customers. It’s crucial to communicate and get consent.

Reduction of Stress: Studies have shown that cuddling may decrease blood pressure, induce relaxation, and reduce stress. Expert cuddlers assist customers in relaxing and

How to Become a Professional Cuddler?

Although anybody may pursue a career as a professional cuddler, most cuddle websites state that the following qualifications are required to get hired as a cuddler:

1. Essential Skills & Qualities to be a Succesful Cuddler

Cuddling is more than simply giving someone a hug or holding them. To become a professional cuddler, you need to acquire a few essential skills.

A Caring Personality: 

You must possess warmth if you want to work as a professional cuddler. When they enter a cuddling session, clients want to feel safe and taken care of. It might come easy to you to connect and calm customers if you have a caring or sympathetic disposition.

how to be a cuddler
Source: tweekmedia | Professional Cuddling

Empathy and Compassion:

Being a professional cuddler requires genuine care for clients’ well-being.

A Passion for Touch:

Every day, cuddle therapists come into intimate physical touch with people. Consider this question to yourself before pursuing a career in cuddling: “Do I enjoy being touched by people I don’t know personally?” If your response to this question is negative, you may not want to pursue a career in professional snuggling.

Listening Skills:

Active listening to customers is a crucial aspect of working as a professional cuddler. You may provide your clients with the ideal level of contact and care to support their growth if you can listen to them before, during, and after a cuddle session. Setting firm and equitable limits is also aided by having good listening skills.

Cuddling is not Sensual:

The training that cuddle therapists get is focused on platonic contact. Despite what the general public believes, therapists never have romantic or sexual contact with their patients. During a session, the cuddler and client are both fully clothed, and waivers are completed by both parties indicating their platonic permission.

Setting Boundaries:

Establishing clear boundaries is crucial. Respect your own limits and those of your clients.

2. Certification and Training to be a Professional Cuddler

Some platforms offer certification programs for professional cuddlers. These programs cover safe touch practices, consent, and ethical guidelines. Here are some of the best cuddle training platforms: 

Certified Cuddlers: 

Certified Cuddlers provides a choice of two. A rigorous three-day in-person training that teaches you at least eighty different cuddlings, as well as an online course with an exam at the conclusion. The training may be purchased for $1500 one-time or for $79 plus a $30 monthly charge. 

During the course, you will discover:

  • Numerous cuddle positions and personalization choices
  • Techniques for self-care
  • How to stay away from codependency
  • Maintaining safety while working (professional cuddler guidelines are crucial)
  • How consultations should be carried out

Cuddle Sanctuary’s Online School:

A six-week online course from The Cuddle Sanctuary will teach you everything you need to know to become a licensed professional cuddler. The course costs $25 only. To know more about Cuddle Sanctuary, click here

Cuddle Acadamy:

The way we approach treatment, connection, and healing is evolving because to cuddles. You are getting ready for your Cuddle Therapist training with this course. Have everything you need at your disposal so that you can get started right away. Cuddle Therapy sessions range from $80 to $100 per hour. $247AU is the cost of training. Since these are the last few weeks to become certified at this pricing, this is a limited opportunity. Click here to know more:

Cuddlist Basic Training:

Cuddlist is a platform that brings together individuals seeking healthy, meaningful connections with trained, professional practitioners. This course will give you the tools you need to start your cuddle therapy practice, book your first client, and have the kind of sessions that keep your clients coming back. All the skills in this course are also applicable to your broader life, so it is a great personal development resource too!  Know more about Cuddlist Courses & Resources

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Professional Cuddler?

professional female cuddler salary
Source: Daniel Greene

Whether you want to create your own company or sign up for a cuddling service platform will determine how much it costs to become a professional cuddler. In any case, being certified and receiving training costs money. 

Cuddlist, for instance, charges $149 upfront for a self-paced training session. On the platform, the certification training course costs $249.

Once licensed, you may register on a website for professional cuddling therapy to set up a profile and get in touch with possible clients. Cuddlist membership is $39.99 a month.

How To Find Jobs As A Professional Cuddler

Apply to cuddling companies or services: Research reputable companies in your area and submit applications. Be prepared for background checks and interviews.

Start your own business: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider building your own cuddling service. This requires additional business planning and marketing efforts. You can also sign up on a site such as Cuddle Comfort.  

Create a professional online presence: Develop a website or profile on a cuddling platform showcasing your experience, certifications, and values.

Network: Connect with other cuddlers and learn from their experiences. Join online communities or attend industry events.

Start your own business: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider building your own cuddling service. This requires additional business planning and marketing efforts.

What is the Professional Cuddler’s Salary?

Naturally, interested individuals are curious about the salary of professional cuddlers. The salary of a professional cuddler can vary quite a bit depending on several factors, but here’s a general overview:

Hourly Rates:

  • Average: Professional cuddlers typically make between $40 and $80 per hour.
  • Variations: Rates can be higher or lower based on experience, location, type of service offered, company or platform used, and session length (e.g., overnight sessions may command a higher fee). Some cuddlers charge as high as $100 per hour.

Additional factors:

  • Self-employed vs. Company: Independent cuddlers keep all their earnings, while those working for companies might have a portion taken for fees and taxes.
  • Tips: Some clients offer tips on top of the session fee.
  • Frequency: Building a consistent clientele can lead to more regular income.


While not a traditional salary position, professional cuddling can potentially offer decent hourly earnings, especially with experience and strategic self-marketing. Remember, this is an independent contractor role, so there are no benefits or guaranteed income, requiring you to manage your finances accordingly.

Here are some resources for further exploration:

Who Hires Professional Cuddlers?

Several groups of people might hire professional cuddlers, each with their reasons for seeking a non-sexual platonic touch:

Individuals seeking companionship and affection:

  • Alone People: People who lack physical touch in their lives due to living alone, being single, or experiencing social isolation may seek cuddling for comfort and connection.
  • People with chronic illnesses: Individuals with conditions that limit physical touch from loved ones (e.g., skin sensitivity) may find cuddling offers safe and therapeutic comfort.
  • Travelers: Solo travelers might seek cuddling for temporary companionship and to combat loneliness on the road.

People seeking emotional support from professional cuddlers:

  • Individuals experiencing anxiety or stress: Cuddling can release oxytocin, a hormone associated with relaxation and feeling safe, potentially benefiting those managing anxiety or stress.
  • People coping with grief or loss: The physical and emotional comfort of cuddling can offer support during difficult times.
  • Individuals working through trauma: Some cuddling services offer sessions specifically designed to support individuals processing trauma, focusing on safe and empowering touch.

People with specific needs:

  • Autistic individuals: Some autistic individuals find non-judgmental platonic touch helpful in managing sensory overload and promoting calm.
  • Elderly individuals: Seniors living alone or feeling isolated may benefit from the companionship and emotional support cuddling can offer.
  • Individuals with sensory processing disorders: People with SPD may find the controlled sensory input of cuddling therapeutic and calming.


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