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How To Become A Ring Girl Or Round Card Girl 2024?

how to become a ring girl

Looking for a successful ring girl career guide? Wanna know how much ring girls make?How to become a ring girl or ring girl salary in UK and USA?…. etc.

To answer all these queries we have written a well-researched ring girl career guide by focussing on some important queries like, How to Become a UFC Ring Girl, essential skills to be a ring girl, etc.

What is a Ring Girl?

In fighting sports like mixed martial arts, wrestling, and kickboxing, a “ring girl” is a woman who steps into the ring between rounds with a signboard.

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Ring girl career guide

Boxing Ring Girls, also known as Ring Card Girls, MMA Ring Girls are the models who walk around Big boxing pay-per-view fights brandishing a sign indicating the upcoming round or fight.

The majority of models in the fashion industry pursue careers as ring girls. According to a recent report, ring ladies in boxing earn approximately $200 per match and $8,000 for pay-per-view events. But now becoming a ring girl is well paid career for girls.

In a 1965 issue of Ring Magazine, it was first written about how ring girls were used in sports like boxing. A picture of a girl holding a sign inside the ring at a boxing match was used in the story. The people who put on fights have always included young women in their events, and this practice continues to this day.

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What Does a Ring Girl Do | Job of Ring Girl

They are called “ring girls” or “ring models,” and they play a very important part in caged sports events. These girls play a big role in these events because they make it easy for people to see what round a fight is in and give fans something appealing to look at.

ring girl holding sign
How to become a ring girl

The girls in this picture usually have a sign that says which round number is next. In addition, they are very important for telling TV viewers how many rounds have been fought and how many more are left.

What Do You need to do to become a ring girl?

In addition to the male boxers being the main attraction, having beautiful women in the ring makes the event even better. Being a ring girl is a popular job for young girls because you are the center of attention in a fight ring. So, girls who want to be ring girls have to do a lot of work on their minds, bodies, and attitudes to get ready to be models.

There are four important steps that anyone who wants to become a ring model can take to improve their chances of getting hired.

1) Train hard at the gym for a long time.

For those who want to be ring models, being in good shape is a must. It’s important to stick to a workout plan that will tone your muscles so you can show off your perfectly shaped abs, conditioned arms, and attractive legs. People think that the athletes are in good shape and that they are quite fit. To be on the same level as the men, the women should also be able to reach this level of form. At professional parties, people often wear skimpy clothes, and you have to have the right body to pull them off.

2) Take care of your skin.

When you’re in public, where cameras and records are often being taken, having very good skin is an advantage. If the overwhelming force of life isn’t on your side, working out can help get things out of your pores when you sweat. Just make sure to clean up your sweat as soon as possible. Also, staying very hydrated is very important, and drinking water every so often is a good idea. Also, try to stay away from foods that are too salty, too sweet, or too fat. Stay away from foods that you know will make your face break out if you are sensitive to them. As little booze as possible should be drunk in order to lessen the effects of skin irritation. Follow through with some self-control if you need to wash your face to make it clean.

3) Get ready for companies that hire people

The companies that hire ring girls have certain standards they look for in people who want to be ring girls.

Most of the time, they tell the young women that they have to look a certain way and keep up a certain image for their fans in order to be considered for the job. Most of the time, this means having hair that is a good length.

The models must also have a certain style of makeup, like lips or eye makeup that is too heavy. The girl’s skin must also be a certain shade of tan or natural skin color. For the right smile, you need a dental formula that looks good.

If a certain agency wants artists with certain body types, this could work in your favor if you have all of those types in your flair. Most of the time, agencies will have clear rules about what body size they need in order to sign a model.

It is important to have a great business portfolio. Make sure you have nice pictures of yourself in swimsuits and other hot outfits. your shape, and you must have a good picture of someone grinning. Take good pictures of your body, like your bust, midsection, hips, shoe size, height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair length, skin color, dress size, and age. To get hired, you should have a thorough resume that lists your print portfolio and professional references.

4) Do a thorough search for companies

Spending time studying possible hiring agencies is the best way to get the job. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview with the agency you found, show the agent your resume. Sometimes, especially for big fights that allow you to travel, they’ll hold face-to-face castings or choose to use a virtual meeting tool like Skype for interviews. After that, you move on to the next step, which is getting hired by an agency that will put you in touch with several fighting groups.

How much money do ring girls make?

The 2019 SportsEon ranks divide pay grades into three groups: annual, reward, and per-match. For big title fights, ring girls with more experience who are in big fights usually get paid twice as much. For every fight, these girls get paid about $8,000. The payment for a low-voltage match is $200 per fight.

The yearly rate is different for each type of fight. Regular matches bring in $40,000 a year, while high-battle matches bring in $400,000 a year.

UFC ring girl salary: As per a report by, ring girls get paid $1000 for every fight they work on and $5000 for each event they are a part of.

Four promotional girls join the studio alongside Frank Warren, boxing promoter, and Beverley Turner, former model, who share their opinions on the ongoing feminism debate.

Source: Good Morning Britain

Apollonia Llewellyn Interview (Famous Ring Girl)

Apollonia Llewellyn is an influencer and model who landed a ring girl role at KSI’s Misfits this summer.

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  1. Age criteria to become a UFC ring girl
    The minimum age requirement is usually 18 years old.

2. Do you need prior modeling experience?
While prior experience can be helpful, it is not always required. However, having some modeling skills and experience can give you an edge.

3. What is the purpose of ring girl?
A ring girl is a woman who enters the ring between rounds of a combat sport, carrying a sign that displays the number of the upcoming round. Ring girls are often seen in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste indicates that the third round is about to begin.

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