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Top 6 Makeup Courses Online with Certificates

best makeup classes for beginners

If you are looking for the best makeup classes for beginners, permanent makeup classes or you are an experienced makeup artist and want to learn new techniques to apply professional makeup in a more effective and detailed way, you’ll find tips here to up your game.

If you finish these free, certificate-granting makeup artist certifications, you’ll get a credential and gain more understanding of cosmetics and beauty. Without spending much time, let’s get to the list of free online makeup classes with credentials.

1. Permanent Makeup for the Lips, Eyes and Brows

Learn how to apply permanent makeup to the eyebrows, lips and eyes like a professional in this free online course.

You can learn how to apply permanent makeup like a pro by taking this free online course in cosmetics. We set out the care instructions aimed to keep the eyes, brows, and lips safe as well as how to utilize various instruments to perform these specialized treatments for the eyes, brows, and lips. In order to improve your cosmetic talents and increase your beauty company, enroll in these makeup classes. Both men and women are benefiting from today’s permanent makeup procedures.

2. Online Makeup and Nail Art Course

This online free course in makeup and nail art may teach you the fundamentals of skincare and makeup.

The course comes in four modules, which include:

  • Diploma in Beauty, Nails, and Makeup.
  • Intermediate in beauty, makeup, and nails.
  • Advanced in beauty, nails, and makeup.
  • Competent in beauty, nails, and makeup.

3. Bridal Makeup Workshop: A free online bridal makeup course

The professional techniques, equipment, and makeup materials required to perform wedding makeup are covered in this course. You will learn how to prepare the skin for makeup, how to apply eye makeup, and how to create a beautiful bridal appearance.

Additionally, customer service is emphasized in order to expand your clientele. We outline how to build up your makeup business structure, comply with regulatory requirements, and learn successful brand marketing techniques in order to guarantee the success of your freelancing business.

4. Makeup and Beauty Course Online For Free tutorial With Certificate

If you are looking for makeup artist certification classes online for free, then this online beauty course may be for you. You can learn many forms of makeup in permanent makeup classes via this beauty program.

This online makeup course will teach you the followings;

  • Holy grail favorite product
  • Side-by-side natural vs ultra-natural makeup
  • new year’s Eve makeup tutorial fair skin
  • Holy grail flawless full glam makeup look
  • How to fake great skin without foundation
  • Valentine’s Day proof makeup tutorial……………..And many more!

5. Learn Makeup & Nails Online Course

Through this one of the best online makeup and nail art courses, you will learn almost all makeup and beauty techniques. Here are some examples;

  • Makeup applications and tools
  • Primer and Foundation
  • Manicuring techniques
  • Nail Tip and Wrap Application
  • Hair Removal
  • SPF and Sun care
  • Proficient in Makeup, Nails, and Beauty

Overview of the Makeup Course

  • Advanced hair removal techniques
  • Basic and advanced makeup application
  • Nail art, acrylics, gel nails, and nail tips
  • Complementary treatments such as Aromatherapy massage and Reflexology
  • Skincare fundamentals and ingredient composition of skincare products

6. Free Permanent makeup course (Hawaii PMU)

The Hawaii PMU Training Academy offers top-quality, in-depth permanent makeup training courses online taught by the industry’s most respected artists.

What is Permanent Makeup?: Similar to tattoos, permanent makeup is regarded as micro pigmentation. It entails injecting colored granules under the epidermis with a needle.

Tattooing with permanent cosmetics is one of the most lucrative and quickly expanding segments of the beauty business. The alternatives for professional growth and choice as well as the size of the beauty business are both expanding.

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