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Top 10 Universities According to QS World University Rankings 2022

QS World University Rankings

QS World University Rankings 2022

The produced QS World University Rankings are one of the most respected international rankings that gauge the standing and effectiveness of universities throughout the globe. Each year, lists of institutions based on surveys, diversity, and other factors are presented in the QS Rankings. This wealth of knowledge will aid you in selecting the university that best suits your aspirational academic objectives.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)   Cambridge, MA, United States

The aim of MIT is to expand knowledge and train future scientists, engineers, and scholars in these and other fields so that they can best serve their country and the rest of the globe in the twenty-first century. Each MIT community member should be given the skills and motivation necessary to work wisely, imaginatively, and successfully for the advancement of humanity.

When MIT was established in 1861, it was a pioneer in higher education, a group of practical problem solvers who were passionate about fundamental science and wanted to improve the world.

2. University of Oxford Oxford, ENG, United Kingdom

Oxford has a unique collegiate organisation. Belonging to the University, a sizable, well-known institution on a global scale, as well as a college or hall, a more intimate, multidisciplinary academic community, benefits both students and professors.

Oxford University is a distinctive and storied organisation and is the first university in the English-speaking world. Although there is no precise date of establishment, education was present at Oxford in some capacity as early as 1096. It then quickly advanced after Henry II forbade English students from enrolling at the University of Paris in 1167.

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3. Stanford University Stanford, CA, United States

One of the top teaching and research universities in the world, Stanford University is situated in the centre of California’s Silicon Valley, halfway between San Francisco and San Jose. Stanford University has been committed to finding answers to significant problems and educating students for leadership in a complex world since its founding in 1891.

Leland Stanford, a senator from California, and his wife Jane established Stanford University in 1885 “to further the public welfare by exerting influence on behalf of humanity and civilisation.”

4. University of Cambridge Cambridge, ENG, United Kingdom

At the University of Cambridge, there are more than 18,000 students from all backgrounds and regions of the world, close to 9,000 staff members, 31 Colleges, and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools, and other institutions, so no two days are ever the same.

The University of Cambridge is renowned for its historic buildings and colleges, which draw tourists from all over the world. But the University’s museums and collections also house a variety of artefacts that provide a fascinating look into some of the intellectual pursuits of the University’s faculty and students, both in the past and the present.

5. Harvard University Cambridge, MA, United States

In QS world university rankings list Harvard university ranks 5. The mission of Harvard University is to cultivate leaders who make a difference in the world by excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Over 20,000-degree candidates are enrolled at the university, which has campuses in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. These students are undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. More than 360,000 Harvard graduates reside all around the world.

The earliest American higher education school is Harvard, which was founded in 1636.

The goal of the teaching and research at Harvard is to expand human understanding. Harvard University provides an unmatched educational environment and a robust financial aid programme, with over $160 million provided to more than 60% of our undergraduate students, for students who are eager to explore the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

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6. California Institute of Technology – Caltech Pasadena, CA, United States

The famous science and engineering school Caltech brings together some of the most brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology to tackle both critical societal issues and fundamental scientific problems.

The California Institute of Technology was established in Pasadena, California, as Throop University in 1891.

There are 28 options (majors) available to the almost 1,000 undergraduate students at Caltech, which are distributed among six academic departments. Since modern research, business, and society are interdisciplinary, the programme at Caltech not only develops students’ expertise in a particular area of study and research but also demands a significant depth and exposure to basic science, humanities, math, and social science in general.

7. Imperial College London London, ENG, United Kingdom

Graduates of Imperial College London are well-respected on a global scale. In the QS World University Rankings 2015/16 and The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015/16, Imperial is placed among the top 10 universities in the world. In the 2016 edition of The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, Imperial is ranked third.

Imperial College represents and provides top-notch scholarship, instruction, and research in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine, with a focus on how these fields are applied in business, industry, and healthcare. They support interdisciplinary work internally and engage in extensive external collaboration.

8. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, Switzerland

Students at ETH Zurich find a setting that fosters independent thought, and researchers experience a culture that encourages excellence. ETH Zurich, located in the centre of Europe but creating connections all over the world, is leading the way in developing practical answers to the problems facing the world today and in the future.

The founders of present-day Switzerland established the ETH university for science and technology in 1855 with the intention of making it a hub for knowledge and innovation. The young educational institution was transformed into one of the main drivers behind Swiss industrialization thanks to the effective fusion of cosmopolitanism and strong national links.

9. University College London (UCL) London, ENG, United Kingdom

Top-ranked UCL stands out from the competition with its groundbreaking academic philosophy and life-changing research. Postgraduate students at UCL learn by doing and actively shape the environment around them.

In order to provide higher education in England to individuals who had previously been shut out, UCL was established in 1826. It was the first university in England to accept students from any background or creed, and it was also the first institution in England to admit women to higher education. Commentators of the day saw this defiance of tradition and devotion to a fairer society to be highly unorthodox.

10. University of Chicago Chicago, IL, United States

Urban research university University of Chicago has fostered innovative thinking since 1890. Our dedication to free and open research attracts motivated scholars to our international campuses, where concepts that challenge and transform the world are born.

By 1910, the University had established a number of customs, such as a phoenix rising from the ashes on its coat of arms and the Latin motto Crescat scientia; vita excolatur (“Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched”). The University adopted maroon as its official colour and adopted the moniker “the Maroons” in 1894.

Question & Answers

Q. What is the most reliable world university ranking?

Since 2004, Quacquarelli Symonds has compiled an annual list of the best universities in the world called the QS World University Rankings. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Harvard University took the top 5 slots out of 1300 universities when they ranked them in 2021.

Q. Which country has the best universities?

In the most recent version, published in 2018, the U.S. ranks first, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, the Netherlands, China, South Korea, and Japan.

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