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Best Family Nurse Practitioner Online Programs 

Best Family Nurse Practitioner Online Programs 

Welcome to the new article on “family nurse practitioner online programs”. This article is a comprehensive guide to solving the common quires of students and professionals like family nurse practitioner programs online, the salary of family nurse practitioners, the role of family nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner jobs, and career.

Family nurse practitioner online programs provide the facility for working nurses to have the flexibility to join this in-demand profession. A prediction from the Association of American Medical Colleges from 2021 indicates that there could be up to 124,000 openings by 2034 as a result of the shortfall. 

The majority of nurse practitioners have a primary care emphasis throughout their training. This applies to family nurse practitioner online programs, the most prevalent type of certified nurse practitioner. 

Working nurses have the opportunity to complete an advanced degree through an online FNP programme. The majority of programmes mix synchronous and asynchronous classroom activities. Additionally, they have on-site clinical encounters to fulfill accreditation standards. Candidates profit from the flexibility of the programmes, many of which provide part-time enrollment. 

The following are the best family nurse practitioner online programs and schools:

1) Rush University – Chicago, IL

Programs Name: Doctor of Nursing Practice (BSN to DNP & MSN to DNP)

After finishing a BSN or after receiving an MSN, registered nurses can enrol in Rush University’s DNP programme. After completing this online programme, you will be well-equipped to consider a career as an advanced family nurse practitioner in a range of healthcare settings, regardless of the route you choose. You can choose between part-time and full-time participation choices in the programme, giving you the flexibility to complete this course even if your schedule is already packed. However, it is encouraged that you refrain from working a full-time job while taking this course in order to achieve academic success.

Key Points:

  • Rush’s FNP programme has received high praise, so it’s no surprise that U.S. News has ranked it fourth in the nation. 
  • The college requires you to live in or close to the Chicago area because the programme involves once-weekly campus visits.

2) Bradley University – Peoria, IL

Programs Name: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Post Graduate Certificate, & Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

You have the following three FNP alternatives to choose from, depending on your qualifications:

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): To obtain an MSN-FNP degree, you can either follow the RN to MSN or the BSN to MSN track. In the former, you must complete 74 credits, whereas for the BSN to MSN programme, you must finish 65 credits. Additionally, you will complete 800 hours of practical training at a clinic in your neighbourhood.

Post Graduate Certificate: If you already hold an MSN, you can pursue the two-year post-FNP master’s certificate. You will be ready to give primary care to people of all ages after completing the 44-credit programme. It also emphasizes developing your leadership abilities.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): The DNP-FNP is available post a BSN. In four years of study, you can earn the highest nursing credential and open-up leadership positions in nursing practice, education, and research.

3) University of Southern California

Program name: Master of Science in nursing/family nurse practitioner

For registered nurses (RNs) with at least one year of professional experience, the University of Southern California provides an online master’s in nursing programme. A full-time student can finish the programme in 21 months, while a part-time student can do it in 33 months. Pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health care management are some of the topics included in the programme.

4) The University of West Florida

Program Name: Master of science in nursing/family nurse practitioner

Working students can enrol in the 45-credit online master’s programme in family nurse practitioner offered by the University of West Florida (UWF). The 600 practicum hours are part of the full-time, accelerated programme. Before starting their practicum, students are encouraged to attend the program’s summer immersion introduction and workshop.

5) South University – Savannah

Programs Name: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) & Post Graduate Certificate

The online family nurse practitioner programmes offered by South University are perfect for practising registered nurses who want to advance their careers as the main caregivers for adults and families of all ages.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Family Nurse Practitioner concentration: A total of 62 credits, made up of 10 FNP specialist courses and 5 core MSN courses, are needed to complete the MSN-FNP curriculum. The FNP curriculum comprises courses in advanced nursing practise, pharmacology, health assessment, and clinical courses in adult and gerontology, women’s health, paediatrics, and primary care. A capstone project marks the program’s conclusion.

The FNP postgraduate degree is the ideal complement to your MSN, according to a postgraduate certificate. You can enroll in this programme to learn more about specialist nursing or to broaden your current profile as an advanced nurse practitioner. Students can finish this programme in as little as 13 months if they enrol full-time and don’t take any unplanned absences.

6) Georgetown University – Washington, DC

Programs Name: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) & Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The need for advanced nurse practitioners who can offer independent primary care to people and families across the lifespan is expanding across the country.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): Registered nurses who have earned their BSN can choose the MSN-FNP option. Depending on the schedule you choose, you can complete the 44-credit curriculum either in 19 or 27 months. You must forgo full-time employment if you’re thinking about the expedited 19-month full-time route.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): The DNP-FNP programme is primarily designed for BSN graduates who are eager to assume leadership roles in primary care settings. The DNP curriculum includes a broad range of biostatistics, epidemiology, and economics disciplines that prepare you to plan and implement patient care in various healthcare organizations.

7) Ohio University – Athens, OH

Programs Name: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) & Post Graduate Certificate

The two alternative curriculum options available for the online FNP training at Ohio University’s School of Nursing are aimed at advancing the wellbeing of individuals and their families.

Nursing Science Master’s Degree (MSN): Three on-campus intensives and 650 hours of clinical training are part of this 41-credit hour master’s programme that will take you six semesters to finish. You must possess a bachelor’s degree from an approved university and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be eligible for this programme.

Certificate of Post-Graduation: If you have a master’s degree and at least one year of clinical nursing experience, or if you are an APRN with a speciality in another field and a strong desire to learn more about family and community medicine, this 19-credit Post-FNP Master’s Certificate programme is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a family nurse practitioner?

Family nurse practitioners receive better pay than registered nurses since they are considered advanced practise nurses. estimates that the average family nurse practitioner salary will be $115,920 in 2022, with the normal range being between $107,570 and $125,930. Source:

What is a family nurse practitioner?

A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a registered nurse with advanced practice who has received specialized training in providing primary or specialty care to patients of all ages. As the primary healthcare provider for people and families, they are permitted to treat patients independently in hospitals, clinics, or private offices in many jurisdictions thanks to independent practice privileges, which also provide them with prescriptive authority.

What Is the Role of a Family Nurse Practitioner?

The role of a family nurse practitioner is pivotal to the stability of the health care field in providing family-centered patient care. The management of patients at all phases of life is generally understood by FNPs. They serve as a point of contact for doctors and patients and help doctors record patient information.

Where do family nurse practitioners get paid the most?

The followings are the five states with the highest average annual salary for family nurse practitioners:

California, at $133,780

New York, at $120,970

Alaska, at $122,880

Massachusetts, at $122,740

New Jersey, at $122,100


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