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8 Best Free Online Coding Classes for Kids | Free Courses, Websites, and Apps 2024

Free coding courses for kids

Free coding courses for kids are a fantastic, low-cost approach to exposing youngsters to the world of computer programming. We offer a wonderful, no-cost introduction to computer programming, covering everything from simple languages to creating spectacular Roblox games to more complex programming that drives real-world innovation.

In search of high-quality, Free coding websites & apps for use in the classroom or at home? Many parents are in search of the best free online coding classes for kids.

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We’ve put together a list of 17 that are appropriate for kids aged 5 to 15. At the time of the book’s release, all of these materials were freely accessible online.

In addition, many of the paid coding for kids resources we’ve mentioned in our Best Coding Websites for Kids and Best Coding for Kids Apps posts provide a free trial period, ranging from 7 days to 30 days. You should check them out.

1. Scratch and Scratch Jr

Scratch is a wonderful, easy-to-use tool where kids ages 8 to 16 can use block programming to make interactive stories, games, and animations that they can share with others in a friendly online community.

Scratch Jr., which was made for kids ages 5 to 7, lets even younger kids learn. Scratch is free for all writers to use, and schools can use the tools without a license.

Format: Online, app   Ages: 8+ years    Price: Free

online coding classes for kids for free

2. Khan Academy

For young people interested in learning to code, Khan Academy provides a streamlined educational path. Javascript is used in the lessons, which are thorough and even a touch technical for elementary and middle school students. Children can use the site’s editor panel to design their own programs with the help of the site’s talk-throughs.

There are 40 walkthroughs, 35 challenges, and 9 projects in total, and finishing them all might take anything from 15 to 40 hours.

Format: Online, coding lessons   Ages: 9+ years    Price: Free

3. Code.Org is where the Hour of Code began, and it features a wealth of educational resources for students of all ages and skill levels, from elementary school through high school.

It’s a complete guide that may be used for teaching or self-study of computer programming.

Format: Online, game   Ages: 5+ years    Price: Free

4. Blockly

Blockly is a coding app for kids that uses puzzles to teach the basics of programming using block logic. To complete each puzzle, young programmers just need to move and rearrange pre-existing code pieces. Blockly is a beginner-friendly tool that makes computer programming accessible to kids. For kids to solve the puzzles without help from an adult, they need to be able to read on their own.

Format: Online   Ages: 8+ years    Cost: Free

5. Gamestar Mechanic

Gamester Mechanic is a platform for learning game design through play, with the end objective of creating and sharing one’s own video games. It is widely used in Information and Computer Science classrooms because it is free for students and teachers to use at home and in school.

Format: Online, learn coding through game play   Ages: 8+ years    Cost: Free

6. Code for Life

Code for Life is a comprehensive coding curriculum that can be used with students of all ages, from those in elementary school to those in high school. Teachers would benefit greatly from access to a repository of in-depth pedagogical materials.

Format: Online, lessons    Ages: 6+ years    Cost: Free

7. Code Monster by Crunchzilla

Code Monster is a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to Javascript programming. A basic screen with two boxes side by side allows kids to type their code in one box and see the output in the other. 59 escalating lessons are included. For kids to get through the classes without help from an adult, they need to be able to read on their own.

Format: Online, lessons   Ages: 8+ years    Cost: Free

8. CodinGame

CodinGame gives high school students the opportunity to hone their coding abilities via the lens of game design and development. This no-cost resource allows students to learn and practice coding in a number of languages like C++, HTML, Java, Python, Ruby, and Swift by completing puzzles, engaging in code fights, and participating in multi-player games.

Professional programmers and grown-ups alike benefit from this site’s free lessons because they make it simple to begin any coding project.

Format: Online, game and puzzle based coding   Ages: 11+ years    Cost: Free

9. Code Maven by Crunchzilla

Code Maven is a sister site to Code Monster that offers 59 interactive courses to teach Javascript to teenagers and adults. Learners follow the instructions, inputting the code as they go, with the results displayed in real time on the screen.

Compared to Code Monster, the lessons here go at a more rapid clip and feature more difficult challenges, such as animating objects and making a points system.

Format: Online    Ages: 12+ years    Cost: Free

10. Code Wars

This site is aimed for experienced coders in high school, and it offers them a platform with real-world coding problems to solve. Many different languages can be used to write software using only text.

Format: Online   Ages: 13+ years    Cost: Free

Best Free Coding Apps for Kids & Beginners

1. Java Coding Practice by CodeGym

CodeGym is a complimentary collection of exercises to enhance your Java skills free of cost. For those who are at a novice level, commencing with acquiring fundamental knowledge and receiving a prompt evaluation of their advancement is possible. For experienced learners, these additional Java exercises will assist in assessing their present level of understanding. Attempt to accomplish the initial tasks – you will derive pleasure from it!

2. Hopster Coding Safari

Pre-coding logic game with an animal theme that teaches youngsters how to think computationally by having them solve puzzles that teach them about decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithms.

Format: Online, app, video lessons, game play    Ages: K+     Cost: Free/Paid

3. Daisy the Dinosaur

Drag-and-drop building components, like those used to make Daisy the Dinosaur dance, make learning how to code simple and enjoyable, even for first-timers. Your youngster may solve a variety of entertaining puzzles while picking up fundamentals of coding such as sequencing, loops, and events, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Format: App    Ages: K+    Cost: Free

4. Spritebox

This free kids coding tool is fantastic for students of a younger age group. Kids can learn how to code graphically with Spritebox, and then move on to learning it manually. Coders set out on an adventure to recover the bits of a shattered rocket. Along the way, they visit new planets, interact with unique characters, solve puzzles, and gain access to a variety of fascinating clothes.

Format: App    Ages: K+    Cost: Free

5. Code Karts

The Code Karts app is a pre-coding tool that shows novice programmers how much fun they can have with computer programming. Children are given a visual representation of how coding works through the use of race cars, and when they design a track for the car to race on, they are shown how the process works. Not only are they learning how to code, but they also get to compete in exciting vehicle races.

Format: App    Ages: K+    Cost: Free

6. Cargo-Bot

Students are required to create programs to control a robotic arm in order to move a succession of crates into position (to fit the configuration that is provided). Cargo-bot is a game that is played in schools. Students are required to engage in deep thought and creative problem-solving in order to achieve the highest possible score on each level of the game, despite the game’s deceptively straightforward premise. For students to be able to use the app on their own, they need to be able to read the instructions.

Format: App    Ages: 10+ years    Cost: Free

7. Swift Playgrounds

In order to sequentially increase coding knowledge and skills, Swift Playgrounds utilizes step-by-step instruction as well as puzzles that feature an adorable alien character.

Swift is an extremely straightforward programming language that was developed by Apple with the purpose of facilitating the production of applications that are compatible with the company’s various operating systems. Students will find Swift Playgrounds to be incredibly engaging, and teachers will appreciate the extensive library of supplemental material it provides.

Format: App     Ages: 12+ years    Cost: Free

8. Grasshopper

The Grasshopper app is a Google project that teaches JavaScript programming to novices (more experienced users can skip through to more advanced material). The app features four different educational segments: “What is Code?”, “Fundamentals,” and “Animations” in two separate parts. The levels each have a quick quiz to test your comprehension of the material. The accompanying problems to complete are engaging and thoughtfully crafted in their construction. A reliable app for secondary school pupils.

Format: App    Ages: 10+ years    Cost: Free

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