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How to Become an Air Hostess (Flight Attendant) 2024

how to become air hostess

In this article, we have covered some queries like How to Become an Air Hostess, the Air hostess training fee, the salary of a flight attendant, etc.

Being an air hostess, also called a flight attendant, usually involves schooling, training, and certain personal traits. It’s an exciting job path, but you have to work hard and prepare to get there. Since you don’t need a college degree to be a flight attendant, and the job comes with benefits like free travel, hotel stays, and meals, there are a lot of people who want to be hired. Not only are there clear pros to becoming a flight attendant, but there are also clear cons. Read on to learn more about how to become a flight attendant. Check how to become an RAF pilot in UK.

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What is an Air Hostess (Flight Attendant)?

There are flight attendants on board almost every aircraft. Assuring the well-being of the flight’s crew and passengers is one of the primary responsibilities of a flight attendant/Air hostess. Despite the perk of working in an unconventional setting, flight attendants frequently endure long hours and spend significant time away from home.

What Does a Flight Attendant Do?

On flights, a flight attendant ensures the comfort and safety of both the crew and the passengers. The following are examples of the kinds of tasks that fall under the purview of this position:

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  • Providing safety practices and emergency device instructions.
  • Make sure that everyone on board is being extra cautious.
  • Assist travelers in stowing their carry-on bags.
  • Help the elderly and those with physical impairments in particular if they are in need.
  • As a rule, treat guests with exceptional hospitality and service.

Air Hostess/Host Responsibilities

An air hostess has a wide range of responsibilities focused on ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of passengers during their flight. These responsibilities can be broadly categorized into three main areas:

Safety and Security:

  • Pre-flight: Conducting pre-flight safety checks, demonstrating emergency equipment and procedures, and ensuring passengers are properly seated and buckled before takeoff.
  • During flight: Monitoring the cabin for any security or safety concerns, responding to in-flight emergencies efficiently and calmly, and adhering to aviation regulations and protocols.
  • Post-flight: Assisting with disembarkation, ensuring all passengers and belongings have exited safely.

Passenger Service:

  • Greeting and Assisting: Welcoming passengers onboard, helping them stow luggage, guiding them to their seats, and providing special assistance to passengers with disabilities or children.
  • Food and Beverage Service: Serving meals and beverages, attending to passenger requests, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the cabin.
  • Information and Communication: Providing information about the flight, destination, and airline policies, making announcements, and addressing passenger inquiries and concerns patiently and courteously.
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Other Responsibilities for Becoming an Air Hostess:

  • Maintaining Cabin Cleanliness and Order: Ensuring the cabin is tidy and well-stocked with supplies throughout the flight.
  • First Aid and Medical Assistance: Administering basic first aid to passengers in need.
  • Adaptability and Teamwork: Dealing with unexpected situations, adapting to changing circumstances, and working effectively with fellow crew members to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight experience for all.

Personal skills & qualities required to Become an Air Hostess

Some of the personal qualities that an air hostess requires include:

  •  A passion for travel, working with people, and customer service.
  •  Confident and assertive.
  •  Courteous, friendly, attentive and approachable.
  •  Sensitive, compassionate, and understanding.
  •  Smart and well-groomed.
  •  Professional and punctual.
  •  Knowledge of public safety and security.
  •  Knowledge of health and safety.
  •  Knowledge of first aid and emergency procedures.
  •  Having a commercial awareness.
  •  Exceptional customer service skills.
  •  Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  •  Interpersonal skills.
  •  Numeracy skills, e.g. handling money, including foreign currencies.

How to become an Air Hostess (Flight Attendant)

The general steps to become an air hostess are listed below:

Education and Training:

  • Formal Training: Look for accredited Air Hostess Training programs or Diploma/Certificate courses in Aviation Hospitality offered by institutes or airlines. These programs typically cover safety procedures, emergency protocols, customer service, grooming, and etiquette. Completing such a program strengthens your resume and equips you with essential skills.
  • Undergraduate Degree: While not mandatory, a degree in Hospitality, Tourism, or Communication can enhance your profile and give you an edge. Relevant knowledge and skills from these fields are transferable to your air hostess role.

Essential Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum Education: Most airlines require a 10+2 (high school) diploma with minimum marks (often 45-50%).
  • Language Proficiency: Excellent fluency in English is crucial. Additional languages, especially those spoken in international destinations, are a bonus.
  • Physical Requirements: Airlines have specific height and weight restrictions, usually based on aircraft door clearance. Good eyesight and overall fitness are also essential.
  • Soft Skills: Excellent communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills are vital. You should be patient, adaptable, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Keep in mind that each airline may have its own rules and processes, so it’s important to find out what those are from the airlines you’re interested in. You can also make connections and improve your chances of getting noticed by potential employers by networking and going to job fairs connected to the aviation business.

Apply for a Position at an Airline

It can be hard to figure out how to apply to be a flight attendant. Some forms have hard questions that can take hours to answer. A resume and cover letter are generally sent with an application as well. There are hundreds of thousands of people trying to be flight attendants, so the goal should be to make your application stand out.

Finish the FAA Certification Tests

Once you’ve finished the training needed by your airline, the next thing you need to do to get on a flight as a flight attendant is get FAA certification. The operations head of an airline can ask the FAA for a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency for new flight attendants who have shown they are skilled in important parts of their training, such as how to give first aid and evacuate the cabin. Flight attendants are responsible for keeping their Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency up to date after they get it.

Flight Attendant Interview Preparation Tips Infographic

Inforgraphic source:

How to Become an Air Hostess In The UK(Training Fees)

The cost of air hostess training in the UK can vary significantly depending on several factors:

Type of Program:

  • Diploma/Certificate courses: These programs typically last 4-12 weeks and cost around £500-£2,000 on average. Some reputable institutions like London Waterloo Academy offer a 10-week course for £829 for UK/EU candidates and £1,729 for international candidates.
  • University Degrees: While not mandatory, a degree in Hospitality, Tourism, or Communication can cost upwards of £10,000 per year in tuition fees.


  • Prestigious aviation academies and universities tend to have higher fees compared to smaller training providers.
  • Location also plays a role, with courses in major cities like London generally being more expensive than those in smaller towns.

How to Become an Air Hostess in the US (Training Fees)

The cost of air hostess training in the US can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

Type of Program:

  • Certificate Programs: Typically shorter (3-6 months) and more affordable, ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.
  • Diploma Programs: Offer more in-depth training and last longer (9-12 months), costing between $10,000 and $25,000.
  • Associate Degrees: Provide the most comprehensive education and can require 2 years to complete, with fees ranging from $15,000 to $30,000.


  • Public Community Colleges: Often offer the most affordable programs, while private training institutes or airline-affiliated programs can be more expensive.
  • Location: Training costs can vary depending on the cost of living in the region.

Additional Fees:

  • Registration fees, uniforms, textbooks, and medical examinations can add additional costs to the program.

Here are some resources to help you compare air hostess training fees in the US:

Salary of Air Hostess or Flight Attendant

There is a wide range of salaries for Flight Attendants in the United States. As of November 27, 2023, the average pay is $84,881. according to Glassdoor, The estimated total pay for a Flight Attendant is $52,299 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $49,120 per year. 


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