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Best Sign Language Courses Dublin & Online 2024 [Updated]

Best Sign Language Courses Dublin & Online 2022

Learning a language is an exciting journey. This article will shed some light on the best sign language courses in Dublin and online free & paid. We have curated some popular sign language courses/classes online and nearby.

Learning Sign Language is a fun way to communicate with friends and family, and it’s also becoming a more valuable skill in the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, translation and interpretation jobs will grow by at least 20% by 2029.

Learning a foreign language has been demonstrated to improve brain function, creativity, and memory. Sign language improves spatial awareness, reaction quickness, and concentration ability because it is a visual language.

In addition to increased job prospects, learning sign language can increase communication opportunities.  Being able to communicate with people using sign language skills is a valuable skill both personal and professional.

Here are the best sign language courses/classes in Dublin, Ireland:

1. Introduction To Irish Sign Language (ISL), Trinity College Dublin

This ten-week course introduces the learners to ISL and delivers teaching to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The aim is to bring students to A1 receptive skills and A1 productive skills to engage a basic conversation with Deaf people. This course also introduces some selected parts of Deaf culture.

College NameTrinity College Dublin
Course CategoryLanguages, Sign Language
Course LocationDublin, Ireland
Course Fee 120
Course Durationten-weeks
Awarding BodyTrinity College Dublin

2. ONLINE Irish Sign Language

Why not learn Irish Sign Language, Ireland’s 3rd official language?  This course is designed to enable you to communicate using Irish Sign Language and also to learn about the deaf community and deaf culture.  These fun classes are taught by a deaf tutor who will use ISL throughout and you will learn and pick up ISL in a natural environment

(outline of course content available on our website

Tutor:  Kevin Mulqueen

Laptop/PC/Tablet, webcam, microphone, good wifi required.



3. Sign Language Classes Online and Offline (by is a specialist organisation that empowers the Deaf community through support and harmonises relationship with the wider society through information.

Irish Sign Language (ISL) Online Course for the beginners. These online courses offer you a flexible and accessible way of learning from the comfort of your own home.

Go to view all popular courses online and offline on this portal:



The Cork Deaf Association hold a variety of Sign Language classes at their centre in MacCurtain Street, Cork. Contact us for more information on:

  • Accredited Sign Language Courses
  • Introduction to Sign Language courses
We can also provide you with information for:
  • one-to-one ISL tuition at the CDA centre or the venue of your choice
  • ISL classes for your class, group, workplace or organisation
  • Home Tutors

ISL Information Leaflets

What is Irish Sign Language (ISL)?

ISL is the indigenous language of Irish Deaf people and of the Deaf community. ISL has been passed down by many generations of Deaf people. It is a visual, spatial language with its own distinct grammar. Not only is it a language of the hands, but also of the face and body.

Who uses ISL?

There are approximately 5,000 Deaf people in Ireland whose first or preferred language is ISL. Approximately 40,000 other people, Deaf and Hearing, use ISL in addition to their first language.

Is ISL recognized in Ireland?

Yes. The Irish Sign Language Act 2017 recognizes Irish Sign Language as the official language of Ireland.



How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language?

Because everyone learns at a different rate, it’s possible that some people will take longer to learn sign language than others. It also depends on how much time you have to commit to learning sign language, as well as how quickly you take up and recall new concepts. Some sessions can be completed in as little as six weeks, while others are self-paced. You should have a greater knowledge of sign language by the end of the lesson, although you may not be totally fluent. In general, becoming fluent in sign language can take several years of consistent practice.

Who Can Benefit From an Online Sign Language Class?

If you, a friend, or a family member is suffering from hearing loss, online sign language training can help. It can also boost your productivity and communication skills while broadening your employment alternatives. If you’re a teacher, a tutor, or someone else who appreciates studying languages, you can also profit. Finally, if you wish to work as a translator or interpreter, an online sign class can help.

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